What to take with me...?

Hi guys,

I’m off to start studying my BSc Product Design in a couple of weeks, and I’m really excited to get stuck in. I just wondered if anyone had any advice on tools/equipment to take with me? I already have basic drawing stuff, but wanted to invest in some decent kit whilst I’m still living at home and have a wee bit of dispoasable income.

Thanks for any input, you guys have helped me get this far with advice on schools and interviews, so I already owe you. :slight_smile:

Dremel and Xacto Knife will two of your best friends.

Other than an open mind, some basic model making stuff (hot glue gun, exacto knives, small miter box and saw, zap-a-gap crazy glue, grommet kit, fabric sheers) is always good. A good respirator is a wise investment… other than that… black rimmed glasses :wink:

and black t-shirts. :smiley: Basic drawing supplies. Set of cool grey markers, pens, sharpies, ruler, etc…

White earbud headphones…

Unless you are given studio space first year, something to keep all those supplies together and organized. I used a medium sized plastic fishing tacklebox to get my stuff from home to class. I still use it for some of my fine art supplies, actually.

Hasn’t your school given you a shopping list? Mine was very specific to foundations year work, and they collaborated with the local art store to provide it all as a kit.

I would hold on to your money, because you’ll be going through it like water in the next few years!

Hey, well done for getting on to a course, where are you studying?
You might be lucky, my uni gave me a model making kit containing everything i needed to get going. Junior hacksaw, scalpels, maun safety ruler, steel rule, plastic weld, tweezers, etc. I would just suggest a few layout pads, you’ll need them, and yea as already said a few black fineliners, and a range of grey markers, (id suggest cool grey). A personal choice of mine was to bring a range of blue markers aswell.

But bring an open mind and get well stuck into it!
Good Luck!

Thanks, most of this stuff seems definately worth an investment. (Especially the thick rimmed glasses, I mean what kind of a design student would I be without them!?)

I’m studying at DMU in Leicester, just can’t wait to get stuck in now!