what to see in Zurich

I am visiting Zurich the next days so, if you have to recomend any places, related to design/arch/arts around this area it would be very helpfull in order to organize my trip there…

thank you!

giger museum is not far i think…

There’s some nice places. Check out the museum fur gestaltung (design museum) It usually has pretty good exhibitions. in the front entrance they have a place with brochures of the more artsy arttractions in zurich, like gallery openings, and the theater, not so touristy stuff. There’s a great art/design/architecture bookstore on Neiderdorfstrasse, with books in english german, nad even some other languages, they also have some cool junk for sale.Neiderdorfstrasse in the street with a more modern young style, for shopping, and barhopping. Bahnhofstrasse has more high-style fashion design. On all the little foot-traffic roads between Bahnhofstrasse and Neiderdorfstrasse there are some fun shops to see too. Even just for window shopping. I know there’s more museums and things but can’t think of them. Just keep your eye out for ad’s and brochures. They’re all over the place.

slippyfish and marymoocow25.

thank you for your contribution!

don’t know if you already left, but here’s a list of what I’d visit:

-Museum fuer Gestaltung (has been mentioned)
-Schiffsbau (cool Restaurant and Cultural center)
-Museum Bellerive (has changing exhibits, great location)
-Rote Fabrik
-Area around Langstrasse for cool Boutiques and shops, beyond the touristy Center of town
-take the train up to the Uetliberg to get an awesome view of the city
-Landesmuseum for the country’s history
-Bahnhof Stadelhofen designed by Calatrava

and finally a nice cool beer in one of the many cool bars!


nothing more than “thank you” too!!!

alexandros, did u leave for zurich already?