What to see in europe?

Hi everyone, I’m planning a trip to europe in Feburary and am looking for advice about what design or architecture things I should see.



Paris - Sacre Coere (i cant remember how to spell it)
paris - Pompidou centre

in fact, just go to paris for a while if you want classic architecture,

Diniant - Belgium, for all the crazy castles on cliffs,
Brussels - Belgium

Maarstrict - Netherlands

kohn - Germany is pretty modern, if your in Germany check out the rich-stag as well in berlin, also the bauhaus if you can get anywhere near there.

Can you be a little more specific? Europe is a pretty large place :wink:

If in The Netherlands, plan a trip to Rotterdam. Most of the city was bombed during WWII so there is quite a bit of contemporary arch. Perhaps Gerrit Rietveld"s Schröder House in Utrecht also.

Also while at the Pompidou be sure to visit the Brancusi museum.

Gaudi’s “La Familia” in Barcelona. I was there earlier this year… AWESOME!


Paris - Palais de Tokyo Site de Création Contemporaine ,13 Avenue du Président-Wilson , it’s nice! Also in Paris just go walk about and see the city, it’s my favorit thing to do there.

Get some wallpaper cities guides and flip through them, most of the places are super cool, and expensive. I use to live in Canterbury, UK and would go to London every weekend, walk unless you KNOW it is on the other side of town. Tourists take the tube from one stop to another and they will only be a minutes walk away (if that). So if you are at Westminster and you want to go to Trafalgar square walk it is like three blocks or 15min on the tube.

also you will see a lot more if you walk.