What to see for ONE day in NYC

I will be in NYC on Monday all day and was looking for some suggestions of places to check out… I’m not talking about touristy or “signature” NYC places, but rather Design related places… galleries/shows/collectives ?

Are there any exhibitions up that I should see?

I know this is kind of a ridiculous request, so I’ll take what I can get I suppose… thanks!

There isn’t much to see design wise so i suggest you walk around all day and get inspired the vibe of the city

I suggest:

Broadway from around 4th street down to spring street, then turn right and then check out Soho,
Chinatown is good too, selling alot of junk.

Uptown is great nice, buildings, take a good camera with you, all pics come out great. Central Park, I suggest to stay at the beginning of it.
Brooklyn Bridge gets you a nice view of the city.

One day isn’t really enough, but that’s what I would do if I were you

Don’t bother with Karim Rashid’s Nooch Noodle restaurant. All style no substance. I was on a similar trip last week and stopped in there, tasty inexpensive food but the place just felt cheap like a modern version of a 50’s diner.

The vibe of the city is huge, but there are also lot’s of designy things to see. Some of it would depend on what’s in the city you live in. But there is MOMA, Nike Town, stores in SOHO, Starck’s Paramount and Royalton Hotels to name just a few.

I would also recommend the broadway SoHo walk, it will take most off the day, tons of shops and restaurants. If you have time, catch a cab up to the Guggenheim and MOMA.

Check here for a few of the shops:

Hey thanks for the great ideas and links. I think I will do the Broadway soho walk and then hit MOMA.

thanks again!


Yeah MoMa I think is nice to see, even if you’re just going for the design galleries, and thats wouldn’t take more than an hour.

Also get yourself a good slice of pizza or some chinese food. :stuck_out_tongue:

buy a friggin pretzel too