What to put in a Letter of Recommendation?

Hi all, I’m applying to ID programs for next fall. I’ve been working a few years in the science research field, and have asked my boss to write me a letter of recommendation. He asked me what he should write, and honestly, I’m really not sure. So any suggestions on what my boss should write about in the school recommendation?

Look at the school website, copy paste what they think makes them impressive, If there is any overlap with your personality or experience, tell your boss to write that down

It’s always helpful to give the referrer your resume and/or a list of relevant accomplishments and experiences you’ve had. Explain to this person what you’d like to study and why, and how your previous experience helped you come to that conclusion.

As a former admissions professional in graduate design education, please don’t take master blaster’s suggestion seriously. that will get you rejected regardless of the quality of your portfolio.

At the PhD stage schools are looking for your ability to do research and write cogently among other things. ask the professors what qualities they seek. ask your boss if you have those qualities. stir.