What to Minor or Major?

Hello everyone, I am an Industrial and Interactive Design Major at Syracuse University for the past few days I have been struggling on what I should minor or even major in along with my IID program. So far my mind is stuck on the idea of mixing together IID and Computer Science to explore combinations of the two allowing me to exceed at interface design and allow me to make some of the coding that I want developed. However, I feel that it may be too much of a burden on myself and do not even know if Computer Science will help me with this in terms of jobs. Before this entire idea of double majoring I was going to minor in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Businesses along with a minor in Computer Science or IT.
I just wanted to receive some input on the thoughts I am having so far and wanna know what or how I can use my education to the fullest degree in order to gain the knowledge of interface and industrial production development.

On the side note: my advisor has told us that psychology is a great double major with Syracuse’s IID program since Syracuse is mainly a research education on the human reaction to products, environment and marketing skills.
And also told my friend that EEE is not as important as another minor since business skills can be learned outside of the University and in real life experiences.

Thoughts overall please?
Or better yet, what did you minor/double major in?
What is the job economy currently looking for?
Thank you.

Get a general business minor, don’t get too specific. Knowledge of how the business you work for operates behind the scenes will only help. Also, if you should want to set out on your own that skillet will come in very handy.