what to expect.

Hi, everyone.
I am a recent graduate who is going through a painful job-seeking process.
I would like to ask you all experienced designers in this forum as to
this job hunting procedure…

What I have noticed from my interviews is that companies never repond
to you even if you have gone through a formal interview UNLESS they really
want you.
My question is what is the normal wait time after an interview in particular
with corporations.
I had an interview with some big name corp. a month ago.
Naturally I assume if they want me, they will contact me.
But, while trying out for other jobs, I still can’t stop wondering what
happen to it…( manager said… he will contact me .)
Is a month enough? or does it take normally more than that ?
( yes, I have moved on. But, I just can’t stop wondering…)

I would like to add something to my post.
I am asking this wait time period only because the manager said that
he wants to talk more and will call me…
The manager seemed to be really interested in my work and made such
personal comments… well, unless he was just being nice and polite…!

Usually, I forget about it when they don’t respond to me after 2weeks
after an intervew…
But this one, I soooo wanna believe him…

he said he will call me !..
( I never expected saying this line after a JOB interview… )

Thank you people.

The manager told me that he would call me next Monday. But after two months later, I still do not receive any response from them. Why did them do that?

Hey babe, let’s keep in touch.

some people are just too busy to call back straight away but if they really want you they will call you back even after a month or whatever. for not just forget about it and move on

Why don’t you simply call him back? It’s not unheard of for a job candidate to contact a potential employer regarding the job they interviewed for. Show a little interest by taking action!