what to do/see in HK

I will be visiting HK next week for 4 days so i was wondering of someone could suggest places/event to see/attend while being there. One place i plan to visit is the Innovation Tower ( Jockey Club Innovation Tower - Wikipedia) of the HK PolyU to check it out as a building as well as the student’s annual show.
Any other suggestions in relation to the topics of Arts/Design/Innovation/Business/Culture or anything else you may think it is ineterestng ?

Thanks in advance…

You MUST visit Victoria Peak (aka The Peak). It’s the best city skyline view on earth. Maybe go just before sunset so you can get daytime and nighttime views.

Tsim Sha Tsui is a general area to visit.

Take the cable car to “Big Buddha” (Tian Tan Buddha) on a clear day.

thanks hatts, the victoria peak suggestion sounds really good. the only things is that i constantly check the weather report and it seems everyday will be raining ( a lot…)… :frowning: if not i will definitely try to get there!

It is the tropics so buy a tiny fold up umbrella (US$1 at any Seven Eleven, and they are on every block). For objects check out G.O.D. (Goods of Desire) stores.

If you want to really feel the crowds in HK, take the MTR to Mong Kok on Saturday afternoon. Oh the humanity!

Lady’s Market is pretty crazy. Just a huge amount of different stores. There is a really nice mountaineering store in there to which was pretty cool to check out. Also I like the bar Sevva. It has amazing views on the balcony of Hong Kong. And they make great drinks. They are looked in a cool area to. It is really close to “the Peak” and Hong Kong Park. You should also get Dim Sum it is just crazy in Hong Kong.

Timf, thanks for the tip :wink:

singletrack, thanks, Sevva looks really nice. Hope the weather is good to sit outside although i see that it must be raining like crazy during my whole stay there.

Came back from HK and just want to inform the community for a quite new venue in HK, the PMQ, a new Hub for creative people (designers and mini-preneurs/craftsmen) - http://www.pmq.org.hk/ . If you are around the Center of HK you may be interested to see what is the local creative scene is busy with.

Might be worth getting your ticket early to avoid the huge queues, though am not sure you can then queue jump?

Bank of China viewing floor is free, as is HK zoo, and both in the same area as the Peak tram.