What to do in Cancun?

So i was given a trip to Cancun, and although i am not particularly interested in a vacation to a beach resort durring spring break it’s hard to turn down a free trip.

I know all about the ruins, and typical tourist stuff, but is their anything of particular interest that i should see as a designer?

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take pictures.

don’t forget to post them!

Whatever you do, just don’t drink the water! :wink:

Just got back from a week long trip. Yes the ruins are cool but, take some time and visit those resorts though. There are a stretch of resorts near the Mayan Riviera. They are mostly new and cater to the American wealthy. The architecture is expansive and themed to the culture. The Grand Mayan Riviera resorts are top of the line and are all outfitted in a modern Mexican taste if that makes any sense.

Don’t forget to stop by Xcaret. It’s pretty much a zoo and kinda Disney-like but there is heaps of colorful, exotic wildlife. This is about 45min South.

Don’t drink the water!
The weed sucks!
The bus is cheaper
Always talk the vendors down

last time I went we took a day trip to Chichen Itza, while I really thought they were cool, the best part about the trip was on the way back to the resort we stopped at this massive sinkhole. There were stairs carved into the rock that led down to a landing where you could swim. On one of the sides there was a large wall with stairs carved into the stone that you could climb up and dive. I think the highest was about 30 feet. The water was so deep and clear, it was amazing. I don’t remember what the name of it was, but maybe someone will know. I would have spent a whole day there if I could have.

i went to that “hole” on the way back from Xcaret. Xcaret was ok, I wasn’t blown away because it was a complete tourist trap, fun innertubing through park. Chichen Itza was amazing! I think I travelled ther with Apple Tours…

and for something utterly different, there was this club that had performers with a little Cirque du Soleil feel. It was fun at first, but really crowded as the night went on and I had my ass grabbed sooooo many times i actually had to leave.

public transportation is easy and if you hold onto your stub you can travel again within a certain window (3 hours???) for free.