What to do about Logos and Branding...

Recently I showed my teacher my portfolio. It consists of shoes and he saw that I put the logo/brand name on the shoe. He said not to do that, and only to do it if I was to work there. He also said to label my renderings with what program I used. Is he right?

Yeah, I think that’s good advice unless you’re trying to show your skills at designing within a defined brand language.

i think its fine to put a logo/brand on your concept products, but you better do it well. that is, the brand should suit the design and the design should fit with the brand. just dont go slapping any old logo around.

if you can show a good understanding of a brand’s design philosophy, and extend the product line (ie. new product categories, future products, etc.), this is definitely a positive.

if you just put you “fave” brand on your concepts after the fact, it will indeed reflect poorly.

as for labelling the program that you used for your renderings, i’d say it depends on the context. i dont think its necessarily that important, and likely somewhere else on your resume you would list which apps you are familiar with, but could be a good idea if you do an awesome photoshop render that looks like a 3d raytraced model, for example.


I think it is important to show how the brand was integrated into the product. Why would a certain brand make that design? How does it fit with or evolve their design ethos?

Context is everything.

Don’t care what program you use. It’s about the design.

Email your professor a link to this topic.