What to bring to college?

Hick town in the middle of nowhere. Most of the time we never even leave the back yard (very very big back yard). The one time we did (to go offroading) the people driving were mostly sober, of course we were sitting in the back of a pickup (with no tailgate) holding on for dear life.

The car in that pick never even made it out of the yard…ended up being run over, flipped over, hacked apart with a sawzall, and run into a few trees. It’s amazing how much structural reinforcement the roof provides…guess thats why Subaru never made a convertable. :laughing:


Are you down at College GameDay today? If you are tell Kirk Herbstreit, “O-H-I-O!” Also, keep that post game party under control after the game. I’d hate to see your buddy get de-cleated again. :wink:

Haha, I only wish. I graduated this spring, so I’m up in NY at the moment. I will be back in Blacksburg next week to visit before I start work and enter the “Real world”