What to bring to college?

Besides all the normal stuff what else do you think would be good to bring along.

I figured duct tape and a tool box will come in handy. Any out of the blue items you found handy while at school.

I suppose you’ll probably just have to buy most of the stuff on a whim but off my head:

Assuming you’re in a dorm:

If you’re living in a dorm that doesn’t have AC make sure to bring a good fan. Also if you’re in a dorm bring some kind of sandals you can wear in the shower + a shower tote so you don’t get meningitis.

Decorations for your room.

A fake ID (assuming you’re in America).


Shot glasses.

Earplugs and a good alarm clock.

A whiteboard for your door.

Granted all this stuff will vary with where you live. If you’ve got your own apartment then some of it may be pointless.

A healthy liver.

Any tools you can imagine/squeeze into your dorm room

My advice is to wait until you’re there. You’ll spend plenty of time and money in your first few weeks getting what you’re supposed to have. Professors are also good at making recommendations.

Foundations year, we spent $$ on a kit of art supplies, and made almost daily trips to the resident art store. It adds up fast.

Thereafter we spent $$ on materials, markers, ellipse templates, rub-down transfers, tools, custom-paint, film, slides, and Bernoulli disks (you’re lucky about no longer needing those last three things, they were expensive!!!) And don’t forget the stuff this website was named after, Super77!

Yeah, your mind will be blown at how fast your art supply expenses add up. My teacher once told us we each had to buy $60 worth of chipboard for a project (the project was to make a block, I kid you not). Not only that, but he specifically made it a 12x12" block when the chipboard sheets were 34" wide (meaning we’d waste almost 1/3rd of every sheet).

When I finally calculated all this in my head and asked him if there was a way to change the dimension or approach it differently because the materials were so expensive, he told me “Hey, at least you don’t have to buy a text book!” When I responded with “Yeah, but you can sell BACK a text book when youre done” he just got angry and refused to change the size.

Not to mention our schools program was rooted in architecture, which means the first year you’re forced into buying all of the architecture supplies (parallel bar, vyco, and all kinds of stuff that are still sitting in a trunk unused) that you’ll never use again.

Yeah, they set out an art supplies in a kit that has just about everything we need for the year. So I’m hoping thatll be all i needed except for specific supplies for some random projects.

I was thinking more thing along the lines like drywall plaster. In case you put a hole in the wall. Adjustable Light so you can dim it late at night. Or a lot of caffeine.

I’m in a dorm. With community bathroom. So ill be sure to get that stuff sandels and stuff.

You’ll want a lamp obviously…and caffiene isn’t something you bring, unless of course you want to buy a case of energy drink from Costco…I don’t even want to know how much money I spent on candy/Red Bull/Pepsi during my time at school.


I would say bring a sack full of money, cause like every one else has said the art supplies aren’t cheap! And you will go through a ton of them.

a cheap coffee maker, a thermos, and an open mind.

A 3 foot section of clear tubing and a funnel. Damn I loved those days! Wait that was high school.

Don’t forget a plastic shut off valve…makes it all a lot cleaner and easier when your friend decides he’s about to yarf off your porch. Of course ours was about 8’ long so the guys in the apartment above us would have to hold it while one of us drank.

Oh how I’ll miss college. :laughing:

I saw one of these two story beer bongs with an emergency shut off valve at OSU. Pretty nice design. A little extreme, but it will definitely get the job done right!

Our 2 story landing after said beerbonging. We were a little extreme. :laughing:

Who’s the lawn dart in the red shirt on the pavement hugging the chair?

One of my friends who was knocked unconcious and laid there for a few minutes. Football championships and a day of drinking will get you that…

wtlw.net <-Fast forward to ~2:15 for the hit (19meg file)

So that’s how the debris got all over the lawn. Did you guys know that shirtless linebacker?

I wish I had a video camera for the times I was back in college. My roommate moved to Japan to teach conversational English to evade time in the States for a DUI. So one night we got sick of seeing his Lincoln Mark VIII out front and beat the ever-living crap out of it until the neighbors called the cops. We answered the door in a drunken haze stating we had nothing to do with it and witnessed some gutter punks in the act. The whole time we were glistening like pixy fairies from all the glass shards. We got off Scott clean. :wink:

Haha. Yeah, a video camera (or digicam that takes videos) is a must nowadays. Great for catching all of your stupid drunken debauchery. Our school car club actually has one alumni whos a professional video jock who comes down with an HD camcorder and makes a DVD of all our semesterly cookout antics which always involve a car we buy for $100 and have included drunken off roading, a Jeep Cherokee tug of war, and a monster truck rally. :laughing:

Last fall we went from this…

to this in a few hours: :laughing:



Seriously! How do you guys get away with drinking and driving even if it’s off the road?