what they don't/can't teach you

Every day or so you hear of some (inventor) selling his idea for a widgit to some major corporation and buying an island in the keys. Cool, right? However, it is never clear how he/she got into contact with those impowered to find new ideas.

I am a new industrial designer, (I went to scad) and I am presently searching for internships, freelance work ect., but I also have some pet ideas that I would like to present to companies so they might help buy me an island.

At SCAD we learned what was needed to interview for a position at a firm, how to create a portfolio, and the other skills needed to join the rat race. We never or at least we very little discussed the entrepenur path.

SO… lets here from you senior designers who have seen what works and what doesn’t. Oh and check out my coroflot portfolio. http://www.coroflot.com/hartleroad

You’re right, if they focus on you professionally at all, they aim toward making you an employee rather than an employer. Not that you don’t learn tons in your first job or two, but some background as a solopreneur would be helpful!

I had a professor who was always doing his own thing outside of school and continually gave us “real world” stories, advice, etc. He passed out papers with sample contracts and things of that nature. He even contacts former students for jobs he doesn’t have the time for or feel we’re perfect for.

At any rate, the Internet has tons of support for freelance designers (I mean, you’re on Core77’s boards - check out their main site for some advice…). I’m sure there are tons, but in addition to Core’s info, check out:

or Google freelance designer

People will eventually come to you for work, and if you want to go to someone with an idea, you should have it pretty thoroughly worked out. There are a lot of people out there willing to invest their money, but rich people [typically] don’t get rich because they’re dumb.

Want them to buy you an island? Make them the money to buy it for you with your ideas…and invite us over for drinks sometime!

Thanks for your response.

You mentioned not presenting an idea untill it was pretty far along. I was thinking of presenting after the research and design opertunitys were complete. When in the design process would you suggest, and why?