What technical info is needed?

Hey everyone,

I have a question, what technical info is needed when passing a design on to a manufacturer?

I’ve found some good info here on this site (and some others), but it’s more bits and pieces then a complete list.

I’m personally planning on making men’s leather casual/dress shoes, but this might be a good thread to also touch on what is needed for sneakers.

Once again, any help you can provide would be great.

Thanks in advance!


typically a tech pack will include-

(at the most basic)

1.upper specs and line drawings of lateral, medial, toedown and heel views, plus tongue and any additional tech drawings/sections of details if required
2. construction notes and callouts detailing materials, colors, seams, stitching, etc.
3. outsole 2d tech drawing with relevant sections
4. last sample or reference sample