What symbolizes Industrial Design?

Hi everyone,

What do you think symbolizes Industrial Design? I’m trying to create an icon for a display that can be easily interpreted as ID much like a headphone represents music or sound. Any ideas?


gear inside a lightbulb?

-a pencil crossed with a razor blade
-a box or 3d shape half sketched, half finished
-something with the vitruvian man would be cool too, on the more abstract side

Not to open up yet another of a redundant “What is industrial design” discussions, but the INDUSTRIAL variety of “design” is now so diverse that I’m, not sure there can be a single icon.

Ranging from race cars, furniture, architectural components, medical equipment, POP, transportation, communications devices, packaging, footwear and soft goods, textiles, user interface, toys, etc. … the only commonality is the word “design”.

But given that “designers” generally create articles for humans (either directly or indirectly) perhaps the thought to key on might be “human”. One image immediately springs to mind … and frdiby nailed it.

BTW guys, welcome to the C77 boards.

I was actually working on a virtuvian vs toilet sign man icon a while ago that I planed to use as an avatar here… should finish it one day…
But I don’t think it’s a good representation of ID in a symbol… I would go for some mix of a pencil sketch fading over to a technical dimensioned drawing… all embodied in one brain. Perhaps sketch in right brain half and drawing in left? A bit confusing if you’re reading left to right but that’s for you to figure out… :wink:

A question mark. ID is all about asking questions and finding solutions.