what specs for ID computer?

howdy peeps. can you help me…need to buy a computer to use with pro-e, autocad, 3dMax, photoshop etc…

i have no idea what to spec. for my computer.
it doesn’t have to be a super computer…as i’m still learning these programs (and i’m on a buget)…however i don’t want to be hindered in the future.

yes i should know, but alas, i don’t.

what shall i get???

many, many thanks

f off, this is question is getting old

…go to one of those computer recycling places and you can pick up an 5 year old sgi for a few hundred bucks…put in as much ram as you can afford and maybe a cd burner…

Does anyone search the message boards about computers before posting a question. This question comes up at least every 2 days. If you want an answer type “computer” in the search bar. Or just go buy a mac, it will run all your 3d modeling software perfect. :laughing:

If the question bothers you so greatly, don’t read the thread. The fact that the thread title clearly expresses the poster’s desires and that you clearly hate such requests suggests to me that you secretly enjoy such threads just so that you can fume.

To the original poster; you’ll need:
a) a powerful processor (as high as you can afford). The faster your processor, the faster your rendering times (ie: grabbing a coffee during rendering rather than grabbing supper or a nap)

b) a middle of the line video card. You don’t need the most expesive card since there is a significant difference between the demands of video games and those of 3d CAD. The cheapest won’t meet your needs and you won’t be using the most expensive to their fullest extent (unless you’re gaming)

c) Lots of RAM. As much as you can afford. CAD programs aren’t too bad on RAM, but Photoshop eats it for breakfast.

d) Lots of hard disk. As much as you can afford. You’ll be saving multiple versions of everything you design; this takes up alot of space.

e) DVD Burner to archive your portfolio.

I think that covers the essentials.

I just used my tax return to buy a new computer and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Boxx 7300 Workstation
Dual AMD Opteron 242’s - 64bit
1 Gb RAM
Nvidia Quadro FX 540 128MB video card with tv out.

I bought it pretty much bare bones cause I can add to it cheaper than what I would have paid to have everything put in at once. Things like better video cards, more memory, etc can all be bought and added later.

Boxx systems are built especially for designers who use high intensity programs like 3D studio and other 3D apps. This thing has so much fan suction going through it that the processors are always ice cold.

I run photoshop, 3d studio, flash, and tons of other design / design related programs on it and it crunches through them with ease. My new computer, even bare bones, is better than what my office provides me to do “professional” work.

I thought about building my own since a friend has essentially the same system but I went with Boxx cause of the warranties, customer service, etc.
I don’t work for them or anything, Im just really impressed with their systems.

MMjohns, how much you pay for the Boxx?

thanks phoomp and mmjohns. good advice.

to the haters…you are wasting your own time.

Hey don’t listen to the %&^% above, don’t get a mac for 3d prgrams, it’ll put u at a disadvantage in the 3d field. All the programs u mentions performs best on a PC. Don’t worry about pathetic ppl who diss this kinda questions, it’s perfectly valid concern.