what software to get??

Hey, I’m entering an ID program this fall and was wondering…
…I want to get a small head start with some designing , 3d, 2d software.
What in your opinion would be the first one to get and start using??
I wasnt fortunate enough to get all these programs prior to school and submit a portfolio and get into a 100 grand for 4 years program.

So, any advice would help. Positive preferably!


There is no “best” 3D software, but SolidWorks one of the best and is very popular.

photoshop/illustrator and maybe painter, but your school should be able to get you student copies.

My order would be:

  1. Illustrator (Practically all I have time to use these days–gets the job done!)
  2. Alias Studio (Personal Learning Edition is basically free. Better than Rhino, plus has an integrated renderer.)
  3. Photoshop (useful to finish those Alias renderings and painting scanned in hand-drawn sketches.)