What skill best complimets ID or Design?

I have been working in a design field for about 12 years, doing ok, been reasonably successful, some decent projects, recognition and employed 99% of the time. But, I am starting to suffer from a little bit of the corporate burn out and BS, long hours that usually gets in the way of success. So I need to bump it up a notch.

I am thinking about going back to school for something that might complement my skills, don’t want to totally throw them away but do need some kind of shift up or out in another direction. In other words, I am don’t just want to start over or make a lateral move. Thinking about starting my own thing maybe.

So question is: What do you think is one of the best skills or careers suited for someone with a creative background? Business, Law, Marketing etc. Or what is the one skill you wish you had if you went back to school for round two.

If I go back, it’ll be an MBA-emphasis on entrepreneurism. I’m in the same boat, thinking of doing my own thing, but don’t want to necessarily start a consultancy…I’d rather market some of my own super-genius ideas.

I think there are many skills that would compliment a career in industrial design. I’ll list some good ones. obviously 3d computer modeling, metal-work, CNC programming, electrical or mechanical engineering, cybernetics, hand-drawing and layout, graphic design, web-design, definitely try to learnas much about business and the differences between types of firms, brands and consultancies.