what size

I had an old post that requested whether a physical portfolio was necessary any more if one has a website? It was answered empatically as yes you still need one, damn more work, lol.

So for a PD what size should it be? 14x17 or the smaller portfolio size of 8 1/2x11?

Also any other advice on what to ensure to include or exclude (again for a product designer) would help.

… as long as it tells the story well.

First off, YES, size doesn’t really matter… I know designers that have used both 8.5x11 and 11x17 portfolios… it’s all the same, but keep in mind that your text has to be legible and your composition should be thought out…

In terms of what to include/exclude… I think it depends on what kind of company you are applying for. Ex. If you apply for a furniture company, you want to have furniture in your portfolio…etc., etc.

A portfolio can always be updated, so it should be customizable to wherever you apply.

If you are looking at design firms (sort of an all-round designer status), then focus on showcasing your raw skills/talent. Process, I believe, is still the #1 thing that distinguishes portfolios and the designer. Again, it all depends on the company that you apply for… THAT’S WHAT RESEARCH IS FOR! If the company is looking for a designer to just do CAD, then focus a lot of your CAD skills during the interview and in your portfolio.

Physical portfolios demonstrate a lot of raw talent, without any alterations from computer applications. In the real world, when a designer is asked for a concept sketch… he/she should be able to whip it out in minutes and be ready to present… rather than sketch it roughly, scan it in, alter and clean it up in photoshop and print it out…

Time is money… at least from my experiences…

Good luck!

BTW, you should post your website link, then maybe someone could steer you in a direction of how to present your works in a physical portfolio… just a thought.

my suggestion, stick with 8.5 x 11. it’s easy to carry, easy to print and easy to mail, as long as it is well organized and clean, it will impress people.
sketches and renderings tighten up and look a whole lot better when you shrink them down a bit. people like to see the complete story of how you got to your final design. show process! it doesnt matter if you can sketch like freakin chip foose, if you cant show how you think, you’ll sink.