what size? 800x600?

Hi everyone,
I’m working on my web site and I was wondering what size is most usefull.
800x600 seems small to me but a lot of people use that format. I would like my site to be a litttle bigger but I want most people to view it as it’s best.

Would love some opinions on that!


Some people will tell you to optimize for an 800x600 display because it’s the most accessible.

Optimizing for 1024x768 (keep in mind that when building a website you need to account for scrollbars and title bars) or slightly larger is acceptable, but if you start getting into a site that requires a fullsize 1920x1080 display you’re going to be in trouble. 1024x768 gives you enough room to show off your content, but you may need to limit your info. Don’t try to squeeze your 11x17 300dpi boards onto one screen and expect them to be readable - you’ll need to optimize your content for the web.

Most importantly don’t overload the site with unnecessary graphics or 12 meg flash files that take an hour to download.

Thanks Cyberdemon, that’s pretty much what I was thinking.

anyone else?

1024 x 768 i think is safe. esp. considering a higher than normal percentage of your viewers may be designers or other people used to working with decent hardware.

FWIW, i did a quick check of the analytics for my blog for recent visits and got the following. interpret it as you may-

if you are considering using flash (a whole 'nother conversation, which has been covered in earlier threads, do a search), you may also want to check out this link to Adobe Flash Penetration by version and markets.


Yeah - if you were desinging a site aimed at all viewers (esp elderly or those who may be on highly outdated systems) then it’d be one thing to focus on low bandwidth/low res content.

Frankly even 1024x768 is low by todays standards, but you need to take into account people who might be on small laptops which may only have a display capable of 1024x768 or the wider but only slightly taller 1280x800 res.

wow, this is such great information, thanks!

I’m actually going to South America and I want to have a nice web site ( no flash) instead of bringing a huge portfolio. Would anyone know if the size of screens designer use is pretty much the same to here?

If you’re going for 1024x768, keep the design width under 955 to account for scrollbars. Height might need to be less than 600 if you don’t want vertical scrolling (remember the space the browser controls take up).


1024x768 would still be a safe bet, especially if you’re going to be presenting on a projector/big screen. I would also bring a flash drive with all your content on it in HTML + PDF + Powerpoint formats. It’s better to cover all your bases. You don’t want to find out their internet is down, they don’t have the right Flash plugin, or their browser distorts your site. Bringing hard copies as well is ALWAYS a good idea - even if it’s just a small 8x11 portfolio.

Bringing hard copies as well is ALWAYS a good idea - even if it’s just a small 8x11 portfolio.

I was thinking of bringing a portfolio but my problem is that I’ll be backpacking in South America. I just know that a 8x11 portfolio will get damaged in my bag.

Under the circumstances, would a good web site and 6x8 portfolio still look professional?

I don’t think you’d be able to fit any useful info on a 6x8". I would either bring a portfolio you don’t feel bad about throwing away after, OR a nice one that you could mail back to yourself when you’re done with it. Or build a hard case (piece of wood or metal that you can mount to the folio to prevent it from getting bent/messed up) if you have the room.

I’ve seen a lot of mishaps happen with interviewee’s that were focusing on one method of presentation and wound up having a poor means for presenting their work when it came time to do it. Digital content that wouldn’t work, small hard copies when they needed to present to a large group, etc. Also check with the company to see what method THEY prefer.

The quality of the web site really shouldn’t matter. They care about the work, a white background with some simple links and your name is plenty adequate if you’ll be presenting it.

i agree with cyberdemon…

What about for viewing on iphones? I imagine more and more sites will be seen on portable devices.

We are not monkeys, you know… :wink:

Be on the safe side an make a site optimized for a 1024x768 display. This is the minimum that any visually-driven agency uses.

Make a PDF version as well and bring it on a pen drive. You can use higher quality graphics on the PDF considering that its easy to resize and pan when needed.

If you’re spending time optimizing your portfolio for being viewed on a mobile device you are:

A - wasting your time on a device that can’t display rich content (most mobile browsers).

B - wasting your time since an iphone or similar full-browser will still be able to display full content even on the small display.

If someone is considering hiring you they aren’t going to be basing that decision on a portfolio theyre viewing on a 3" screen.