what should we do with this laptop

It belongs in a freakin’ museum…

anyone want it?? :smiley:

sorry for the poor images…

What’s the model #?

It looks like an old Powerbook 160, circa 1993-ish…

That should be able to handle the latest version of Alias…with VirtualPC, right?

Powerbook 180

you want it Nate? come by and pick it up man :laughing:

I would do what I do with all of my old computers, try to use it then when it pisses you off kill it.

It works wonders for the soul.

works well on old girlfriends too haha!! J/K! :laughing:

Keep it, seriously! Maybe one day it will end up in a million dollar auction!

ill take it. i have a bunch of old computers. including an apple peforma 575. i still use em. the preforma i put like 512 ram in it it likes spazzez. haha

what’s the cone of death’s postal code? :laughing: