What should I do?

Hey guys, I fell in love with ID when i went to a workshop at Auburn a couple years ago, and have since then, wanted to do it. Problem is, I got a full ride elsewhere that doesnt offer ID (or arch., closted thing is art of graphic design). I have decided to major in an Engineering field and then go for my masters in ID, that way, i can be well rounded in the product development field. My question is, what field of engineering do you suggest will be the closest to ID. Or, for that matter, what fields are close enough to ID so that I can transition smoothly? I really dont want to pass up this free edu. Thanks guys!

An ME degree would not hurt if your heart is set on the free rideā€¦ but you might expect to have to pay for IID studies as well if you want to do ID. So is 4 years more plus having to still pay for an ID really a free ride?

you might be fighting upstream in terms of mental process. A good GD degree will build your foundation in understanding design philosophy, so that might be a better route? Depending on your personal preferences and where you feel more comfortable.