what should i do now?

I am an industrial designer in my former country before i immigrant to Montreal. I am a little frustrated these days. The feeling just like lose my love. I love design so much. But it is difficult for me -a foreigner to be an industrial designer now. English is my second language, and i have only a little idea about French.The worst is the different culture makes a great gap between canadian designers and me. I am so confidence beforre. 4-year industrial design career gives me so much experience. It is my treasure. But now i doubt it. Can good fortforlio reprensts something? I am sad, can anybody help me out? :frowning:

Please start by working hard on your English and French language skills.

Only THEN does it get difficult finding a rewarding design job. Now it’s impossible.

what kind of level do i have to reach? to express my ideas? I can do some expression of my ideas. And i have thought that those drawings and presentations are also a kind of language. But i found it was not the case at all. For the reson of not fluent english, I am afraid of calling to an employer to say thanks. I also have difficulties to compliment a good design properly.That makes me looks like a layman.

By the way, anybody knows something about the employment rate of industrial design in montreal? I have to keep on going on my way of industrial design, otherwise it would be impossible for me to be happy again…

From my personal experience, people will look down on you if you don’t speak English well in the USA, a lot of them won’t care if you speak 5 other languages fluently…they will still treat you like a piece of shit, a really dumb piece of shit. Most of them just don’t have time to sit around and try to understand what you’re trying to say…

So, learn the language(s), I’m not sure how it is in Canada, but in the US there are many schools for immigrants, where you can learn the language. It’s free, the teachers there are great, and you will meet people from all over the world, so it is also an amazing cultural experience. It took me about a year and a half to learn English from scratch, so people could understand me well…it will take some time. Good luck.

I think i have to go back school to learn something new now, especially in this different culture country. I have thought I can find a good industrial design job easily as i did in my former country. But now i know it is not enough. I have to learn something more about local culture as well as the language.

I have got two offer from university now. One is bachelor(design art), another is certificate(digital technologies in design art practice).Both are in the same university. I wonder which one is better? which one is better for me to get a job? to be an industrial designer? My goal is to be an industrial designer as soon as possible. I don’t know what i can learn from 1-year’s certificate, but I cannot wait for 3 or 4 years to stay at school. I prefer to learn things at work.

Does anybody have the same experience to me? Is there anybody to get an industrial design job by not having local education background?Thanks so much for anybody replying to me.

What melovescookies says is true. Here in the states, even if your first language is English doesn’t mean you will be a designer who can communicate well verbally. Employers do look for this skill in all designers. If you can’t communicate/present to the client (or in house presentations to the president) then they will have to get someone else to do it.

Its competitive out there. If an employer has a choice between you and another designer with similar talents he/she will start to look at other traits… like verbal communication skills.

This may sound harsh but its your reality: Learn the language of your country of residence or move back to a country where you speak the language fluently.

If you are moving to Montreal you need to learn french. If you are stuck moving here there are free classes offered by the government to help you.

It sounds like you have a good amount of experience from your own country. You need to create a good portfolio to display your work to people here who will not be aware of any of your clients, or the role you played in the designs.

I don’t know what the rate of unemployment for industrial designers is in Montreal. From my experience though, prepare to freelance for awhile before finding anything close to stable.

Thanks so much. I have seen one of your replys(to others ) that even if you don’t know French, you can easily find a good industrial design job here in Montreal if only you are a really strong candidate. Is that right? I have learnt French for about 2 months, But i found it is really difficult.

BTW,Can people easily find freelance job? How? If one freelance for a product, must he/she finish from design to model?

I hope I never said it was easy. I think that you misunderstood something I said. It is difficult, but possible. The language of business is english, and in my opinion, it is more important once in a job to speak english. However, most employers speak french as their first language, so it is important to be able to communicate in french to get a chance to show your work.

French is hard, but just keep trying, it will come.

Where are you originaly from? what languages do you speak? Where were you working before moving to Montreal?

Why did you chose to move to Montreal of all places in Canada? English is not a welcome language in Quebec!

Oh, CASPER, thank you…I wanted to ask those questions, but was afraid that I would get slapped and told to mind my own business.

Now, I’m not the nosy one.

I am a college student in New York, who has only a student visa to be a resident.
My first language is Japanese, so as you can imagine, it’s been so hard for me to keep up with school projects, dealing with people who speak perfect English, and being alone without my family nor my old friends and relatives.

After three years, I now speak English as fluent as native speakers, and have no problem with any conversation. I have learned so many things at school and through my friends I met there. I have experienced internships in New York, and found that being a designer- no matter what field you choose- is hard in general, especially in the US or Canada, where you have to compete against thousands of people.

I sometimes lose my confidence and even doubt whether I should keep studying until I become a real designer, but I believe YOU should do something and try to find solutions, or you will regret forever. At least that’s how I live here in New York.

If you are 100% sure that you are going to be in Canada for the next 10 years or so, you’d better improve your English, work as hard as you can, and be as yourself as possible. No one can have the same experience as you have, and I think you should take advantage of it.
May be, incorporating your culture into canadian design be interesting.

Anyway, don’t get too depressed. Be positive. That’s how you survive.

I wish you the best of luck man. I really feel sorry for people who move to the U.S. and find themselves crippled by difficulty with speaking English. A friend of mine moved from Thailand some years ago and graduated from my college as a graphic designer. Then about 4 years ago he had a serious medical problem (fluid near his heart!) and the firm he was working for let him go because of the time he was missing at work. They never hired him back and he was forced to get a job at the college as a janitor ever since. I think he is now at the point where he may not even be looking for graphic design employment anymore. Pravit is such a kind and outgoing person, but his problems with English at times are comical (ex: “Flench Flies”) and I’m sure that has held him back. I guess the best you can do is work hard to learn the language and hope that you present yourself as being able to communicate well. Good luck.

i wish you all the best… and i just wanted to add that i don’t know what your status is and what the laws are in canada, but in the us you cannot freelance if you are on an f1/h1 visa. good luck, again!