what should i do? help!

hi… i need help, im an industrial engineer but now im work as a shoe designer… i just love shoes… but i know almost nothing about shoe…
i can’t ask any designer in my company because there is no other designer… :cry:

this the sketch i ve made, what should i do with it? i need lot of suggestion

anyway, sorry for my english, im still practicing :stuck_out_tongue:
thx a lot

nothing attached,

sounds like you are in a wierd sitaution. How did you get this position?

opss… help me again, how to attach the picture, i m failed to attach it yesterday…

i applied as industrial engineer, when they interviewed me, they asked if i love to draw, and i say yes… then he offered me the position as a designer… we having several argumentation coz, i don’t want to dissapoint the company, i have no design background, drawing is just my hobby
so, he asked me to bring my stuff (all i ve created and several shoe i ve made) and come for another interview.
So… here i m work as a shoe designer now… :unamused:

thx for the reply :slight_smile:

Your drawing isn’t so bad. You may want to check out the other sketches that some of the athletic shoe designers did. If the company you work for is happy with your work, I wouldn’t worry too much.