What should a designer's portfolio look like?

Funky? Regular A4 black and white? Interesting?

Thanks !

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There’s nothing wrong with plain old 8.5x11 unless you really want to show something off in a higher res like very detailed and slick renderings. I started out with 14x17 and while it was nice to have stuff in a larger format it was a real pain to make edits and print new pages whereas with 8.5x11 you can do it at home on your own printer.

Your call, but I don’t think you need to worry too much about it, go with what you want. There was this nut in my design program that resorted to using paper at “the golden proportion”, which turned out to be a real pain in the ass for him and honestly made him look stupid, it’s not the size of the paper, but the content that’s printed on it. No matter what, use a clean layout, there’s a ton of over-cluttered refuse out there…

I like to keep the format simple and clean so that the focus is on the projects, not the design of the portfolio.

The goal being when people say “remember so and so’s portfolio?” you want them to think “oh yeah, the one with all the hot projects” not “oh yeah, the one with the sweet brushed aluminum case, what did he design again?”