What seperates the best from the rest?

I was just wondering what people believe separate the footwear designers out there at the big boy companies (nike, Jordan etc etc.) to those not there… (if that makes sense lol :confused: )

It’d be good to hear from the vets on here what the big companies are looking for. I see people sketches on here, KG, coroflot etc. and though people have their own styles, a lot of the time they are similar in a number of ways.

I get that a lot of it has to do with being in the right place at the right time, but whats going to get people looking through my portfolio, stopping and looking twice…

I am not a pro (yet) on this design field and I am not a HHRR specialist, but I don’t see any difference from other design fields when it comes to choosing a designer. I guess there are no rules, what could be positive for a certain company and a certain team of people, might not be a good fit for another.

Sure the timing is important, as you say. But, as a designer, I would say persistence to improve makes a difference. Anybody that continually pushes the limits will sooner or later have a reward for the effort (or not…)

If you can find the answer to that question on your own, and prove that you know it, you get the job. :wink: