What search engine do you use?

What search engine do you use to hunt for patents, existing or competing solutions?

Over here in Germany clients and business acquaintances get exceedingly nervous concerning everything silicon valley. Not completely unfounded, in my view. But what is a professional way for us to do our kind of „due dilligence“ in utter silence?



We use EspaceNet, Google Patents, and the USPTO database. We have posted a patent-search tutorial on our youtube site if you’d like to see how we do it. Use the link below or if you’d rather not click links, just search “KeeleyDeAngelo” on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5QpJrlUZVBHc5k7nd9pGHg

I believe more in the dynamic next generation approach of working hard and smart and getting to market sooner with hard-to-beat products, rather than the old protective approach of building a stronghold around a patent portfolio.

In terms of sources, same here plus Global Design Database for industrial design-related patents, and the official repositories of the countries to which the patents are to be applied. For checking brand names www.trademarkia.com is an indispensable source.

Thank you for your hints.

Being fastest to market and best is within what a small entrepreneurial team can do. Beating the big guys lawyers may be not. So I like to look around at least a little after the first visionary concepts have formed themselves.

Our IP department. Patent landscape reviews. Freedom to operate reviews. Competitive landscape reviews.

Having the proper tool to search is one thing, having an effective process to use that tool is quite another.

Thanks iab! Inspiring hint.

I’ve been using these guys for housewares patents lately. It is just surface info (names, claims, cited references et al)