What Schools are in Chicago or Miami?

First time poster here. My wife and I are from Miami and are thinking about moving to Chicago. Which city has better schools? The only school for ID I know of in Chicago is the Art Institute and Fort Lauderdale has an Art Institute as well. Does anyone know of any other schools in these two cities?

the city of broad shoulders has the university of illinois at chicago and columbia college, neither has a stellar rep for id and there is also the illinois institute of technolgys’ (masters?) program which seems to get a lot of good praise…

Ironically neither of these majority cosmopolitan cities have awesomely regarded ID schools. Near Chi-town though you do have CCS in Detroit, and CIA in Cleveland.

What are you looking for?

Ai of Ft. Lauderdale has a real world based ID program. Five or so years ago the program was very week. New faculy, adjunct working professionals and sponsored projects have given the program a new life. Stong design for manufacturing and smart part construction.

If you are in Miami, drive up and do some in person research. As you should for any school you are considering.

I’m an inventor and I’m looking for furniture and product design schools.

The University of Cincinnati Or (CinciNASTY) has a great rep and is only about 5 hours from the Chi-T.

U of Illinois Urbana- Champaign (the big school) has ID as well and is better then UIC. And is like 2.5 hours from down town (if traffic is not bad).

The Art Institute product design program is called ‘designed objects’. http://www.artic.edu Might have to hunt around to find that program there.

Columbia College That program used to be called the entrepreneur program but is now a more strait design program. draw model CNC etc.http://www.colum.edu/

UIC has put out many good designers. http://www.uic.edu The program has really changed for the better I understand and we wait to see a new fresh crop of Seniors.