What schools are best for 3D modeling?

My daughter was enthalled watching the show Bones, where they do 3D forensic reconstruction via computer. I am wondering

  1. What schools have 3d modeling programs?

  2. Do any schools have computerized forensic reconstruction?

  3. If not in undergraduate, what graduate programs have 3d modeling?

  4. What major would 3d modeling be found?

Hi, I hope this help u, Umea Institute of design is opening a course for advanced visualization and animation next fall, applications are until april and the quality of education is really high…


for that stuff you have to learn it yourself. there’s no easy way out.

I have a friend working on PHD in forensic anthropology. Actuall was having a conversation about this topic with him. Mostly what you see on the shows such as CSI, and especially Fox’s Bones is Hollywood FX and not based on any real world practice in his feild. However there are labs that are using 3D scaners to scan skulls and create point cloud data. Then they hire animation experts from companies such as ILM to build the face based on average muscle structures. However he knows of only 5 such modelers who have the appropriate anatamy and Maya software training.

In other words they are computer animation people, who also have extensive anatamy training. Mainly they are movie CG professionals contracted to do the work.

and it takes 6-9 months for the animator to finish the model.

The Gnomon Shcool in Hollywood

3D modelling can apply to a number of different majors, realistically it’s a skill that can be picked up on your own and then applied to your academic field. Designers, architects, art students, entertainment design, etc all involve some elements of 3d modelling.

I’m sure the TV rendition is a bit more glamourized then real 3d modelling work, which typically involves staring at a computer screen for 14 hours a day till your eyes are bloodshot, only to have something not work out how you wanted it to.

I would suggest depending on how old she is and when she has to apply to school that if shes really interested that she downloads a copy of Maya personal learning edition, which is free and excellent to use for someone trying to decide if its right for them. Maya is one of the most complex programs, but it has the advantage of having a huge amount of tutorials and extremely well written documentation. The free learning edition is also a perk that most software won’t offer you.

Most High Schools are doing some sort of 3d modeling. The problem is they start out with 2d then go to 3d. I think they should skip 2d CAD all together and opt instead for the tsquare. Anyway… my 2 cents

My daugter has been using Maya since she was three. Now at seven she is quite accomplished. Don’t show em how to print on the expensive printer though.

If you are talking College level I vote for Purdue. They have strong 3d graduates. In the Technical drawing programs they graduate many to GM and Ford who utilize their Alias skills. The ID prgram is heavy on Rhino and even Pro/E. The only school that I have found that embraces Pro/ENGINEER like that. They have a student show on Thursday 23rd at 2pm.

Savannah College of Art and Design had one of the best Computer animation departments in the US. You might want to check it out. Its a great city great school and a great atmospher. You also want to ask your child if they want to study ID or Computer modeling. They are two totally different carrers.