What school to go to? Aren't we getting sick of this?

We all realize that there are thousands of people constantly asking these questions. Is this school better, or that one? Will I get what I want there? Do they have this kind of technology? Wouldn’t a good solution be a database of design schools where real students can enter their comments about the particular schools? Is there already something like this? I think it would be extremely helpful to school-seekers!

Disclaimer: I am sure that I asked this forum question too back when I was searching, but I bet there’s a better way to tackle this issue.

If you do a little digging against the schools you’re interested in, there’s usually a student-run site / guide expressing real opinions.

I know for OCAD here in Canada you can hit myocad.ca and see some pretty venomous comments on the programs there


Great idea. We could do the same thing for:

“Whats better? Solidworks, Rhino, 3Ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, Softimage, Solidedge, Catia, Inventor, ProE, Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Painter, Alias, VectorWorks, Word, MS Paint, Notepad, Calculator, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Outlook, AutoCad, iTunes, Windows, OS X, iPhone, Windows CE, Stickys, iMovie, Avid Pro, Unix, Linux, Obama, McCain, Shoes, sandals? Thoughts?”

Those questions get old fast, too.

So wait…

…there isn’t just one simple right answer to ‘which school is better’?

I thought Austin Community College was the correct answer this whole time.

Which is better; CCS or Ohio State? Austin Community College
Which has better facilities; SCAD, RISD, or RIT? Austin Community College

Hey, maybe I should start this database myself, I just wish I were a programmer!

Damn, it was down to that community college and the school I went to. I knew I should have picked that one instead.

Also, the answer is, Rhino, Photoshop, Firefox, Obama, and Sandals. In the observatory, with the pipe wrench.

good idea to start a database / separate threads for each school to post comments/questions. ill mention it to the other moderators to see if we can set something like that up.


aren’t the 4 sticky announcemnts at the top of the list supposed to fill the bill?

ACC rocks hard. And Eor’s Birthday party offers sublime user research possibilities!

In Lone Star we trust,


CCS(College for creative studies ) or ACCD (Art Center college of design )
If you guys don’t know then who does?

Some of you are forgetting how dumb the average high school graduate is. :laughing:

You’re lucky we’re a fairly calm/forgiving forum. Most forums would simply reply with “DO A SEARCH N00B!” :wink: