What school for footwear or Industrial Design in general???

I’m from NC and I grew up in the city so I’m looking for an atmosphere like that. I aspire to be a footwear designer and I feel i can compete heavily in this field but I’m just confused on which school…I’ve been accepted to SCAD but I’m not sure I like the idea of it being spread out all over instead of a real campus feel but I’ve been considering sumer school. I applied to NC State but wasn’t accepted, plus I don’t know if I like the 1billion to 1 classroom ratio. I’ve been accepted to Virginia Commonwealth which has multiple Design pograms such as graphic, fashion, interior etc. but doesn’t really scream ID!!! the month’s are closing in and I don’t know what to do. HELP!!!

Hey man.

I’m not sure if this will really answer your question, but I will ramble a bit.

I do not think you should go to school for “footwear design.” I think you should go to school for product design/industrial design. You should strive to become a designer (become interested in graphics, digital media, interior space), not just a footwear designer.

I would stay away from the idea of going to a fashion school. It sounds like V Commonwealth has no id program. This is not a good sign if you are trying to become a footwear/product designer.

Back to the idea of becoming a footwear designer…From what I have read in interviews from magazines with “Yo!,” he seems to credit much of his success in footwear to his time at a product design consultancy where many different products are being designed. If you go to his website you will see tons of hot products and some graphic design…and some pretty hot shoes will be mixed in there too. Similar rules are relevant when designing an alarm clock to when you are designing shoes. Create an iconic form, strong color block, add details for interest up close…

In summary. Try to get into a good product/industrial design school. Become a designer…you will be a good footwear designer then too.



oh…and there is some good schools info in the students/schools forum. check out the questions others in your boat are asking. it seems the responses are pretty consistent. you will quickly notice some reoccurring themes.


hey 'preciate it man, I might be attending SCAD for Industrial Design I just really want a more personality diversive atmosphere. But again thanks for your advice b/c I really could use anything right now

the only situation I will tell someone which actual choice is best…

if your only two choices are between Virginia Commonwealth and SCAD for an Industrial Design program and education…

without a doubt, SCAD is the absolute best option for you. hands down, no argument.

I graduated with two guys in my class who are now professional shoe designers. Last I checked, one of my fellow SCAD ID alums and good friends is the head shoe designer at Marc Ecko in NYC.

I would urge you to look around though- find whats best for you. I had an amazing experience at SCAD. but that was me.

between the two options you listed, there is really only one choice.

good luck on your search

We are recruiting heavily from


I appreciate all of the help guys, another issue for me is price, SCAD is private and runs a couple bucks. I haven’t got my fin. aid package yet so hopefully there’ll be something there

dont go to app ill tell u that much

seriously?!! I heard App was pretty good and a bang for your buck experience. I see that you’re from Boone, so do u go to App. if so how good/bad is the program?

We are trying to become an accredited school as of right now its a lot of self learning and you need to pick the right professors for certain classes to get the most out of it…

one thing about app is that we actually do hands on things… we build all our own stuff and have to learn to deal with the materials and resources we have… we just got a CNC and SLA machine and they are teaching a course on it next sem…

you are right, its not bad we have 4 studios each studio you do 3-4 projects your junior and senior years.

its def come a long way since i’ve been here but i would go else where if i could of afforded it.

The actually just updated the check sheet and it is SO much better than what I have they added a soph studio and i would take the new checksheet if i didnt care to get out in 5 total years…

if you have any questions about it feel free to email me jk69185@appstate.edu

Im just ready to get outta here… thats all