What reserve do you have posting your finished project here?

I think this question relates to everyone who thinks about posting your work here, student or professional. I think it’s different from posting unfinished work because one is always looking for suggestions. Maybe it’s politics… I don’t know. Also for professionals, you can’t possibly post recent finished works unless they are already released. Post old things may not reflect your current ability. So what reserves do you have?

I’m a student, so I am expecting lot’s of comments whether I like it or not. It’s just that if I post a design that has lot’s more than what can be described in that few pages, I will have to make a lot of clearifications in words, which may be confusing.

Also, are you guys expecting a full presentation layout for works posted in this forum?

unregistered forum.

Students should just post. People will talk about your design and you will get free advice for your next project.

now that Projects is limited to registered people, i’m surprised so few post work. so turned MCow’s original post into an announcement (stickies screw up Core homepage). he asks a good question. what are the issues? if any.

Too many haters floating around, folks that’ll post negatively just because they have other issues. Professional stuff is under wraps unless released, by that time, doesn’t reflect current skills. I’d say that it would be best for students to help get advice on their works in progress, hopefully from other professionals here, and not some 14 yr old faking it.
With those issues, how about a forum where you get to post released work (yours or others) just to have a group crit / suggestions. It’s kind of done all over the place already, but unorganized. Let people post whatever and lets hear everyone’s views.

Can’t that be done in the projects section though?

Skinny, I know you always got some side projects cooking, some conceptual stuff, I think it would be great for students to see the level that people operate out there in the world. Really the young punks today are lucky in that regard. Remember being in school and having no idea what goes on in the real world? I am wrapping up a few side projects that I will try to post here in a few weeks, some are awaiting publication. It would be great to see some other names through some stuff up.

dont need to tell me about haters. but they’ll always be there. on this forum. at school. the job. we can deal with it or we can hide from it. at least now people know that kind of stuff will get deleted. wasnt really true before. seems like the upside should outweigh the down.

as Yo said this is a section to post both work-in-progress or just a final. wasnt enough of either to justify two sections. if and when that makes sense we can split the forum.

ok. check out the DesignSlam Comp. maybe money will draw you out.

also know this came from your feedback. the Poll conducted a while ago. comments/discussions on the forum (not just this section but others). aso. if you want to shape future comps then you need to participate. vote in the polls. participate in the threads. its being read.

mcow - any complaints about moving this to General? want to bring it up again.

I don’t really mind.

This seems like a good idea but not always. Not everyone here knows how to give constructive crits. Many don’t even give good advice. This can affect a budding design in a very bad way… getting them to question if they are good enough or just being lead down the wrong path.

I have seen students who’s work was just terrible as a freshman/sophmore. With a little more education and the right insructor they blossemed. I’m willing to bet that if someone kept tilling them their work was ass as a beginner they would have been very discouraged.

So until the majority really learn how to critique properly I can see why many would have reservations, especially students. Actually there are very few people who can critique, even most teachers are weak at this IMO.

good point.

“So until the majority really learn how to critique properly I can see why many would have reservations, especially students. Actually there are very few people who can critique, even most teachers are weak at this IMO.”

this stuck out. sounds like student may never get a good crit. either on forum or in school. so when does a student get on the bike and take risks to improve? when to try posting online? many do it w Portfolios so why not Projects?

ykh, put money mouth location.

didn’t you have some up before and you got some “hateration” and took it down rather quickly? was a link if i remember correctly. actually a 5 month long thread was started about it. im sure it’s still in here somewhere.

yes, it is an unregistered forum, and there’s the registered part as well. so what? its ALL accessible. people arent SCARED to post things for just harsh critiques. Registered or not, they can all be SEEN by anyone and everyone. its ALL accessible. most “designer” types are extremely self conscious and self critical, they are omega females to the alpha males of other professions. especially the young ones. not every design student is as loveable and holds the position of cute naive little brother as Mcow does on here. nor wants to.

why don’t you registered people post full frontal high resolution digital face pictures with name tags? give me a break, core77 isn’t a lounge with just 25 people no matter how comfortable you feel by the false sense caused by thousands of posts and years of using the site. It’s still public as hell.

and no, not EVERY student in the design WORLD wants critiques. especially from you all. which means nothing at all, since you are all anonymous as well. who are YOU? registered, and what? so? that means you have some sort of design guru authority OR merely internet forum authoritiy? why do you assume everyone needs critiques from you? if they feel comfortable to post detailed samples of their work, they will, but OBVIOULY not many do. and not many will. i understand why. its normal.

not everyone here is an internet forum hippie.

“ykh, put money mouth location.”


geocities site (only used for this forum) removed bc of virus emails. same reason i remain anonymous as moderator. but Core, Moderators, others here know my name, address, phone #. so its a lounge for some of us maybe. why else come here? why do you?

Personally, I like to throw some of my designs out and see what other designers say - something I can’t do with friends or at work (not too many designers around this area). I haven’t been out of school long enough to have anything worthy in production, and what is in the works is not going out on the web for all to see. I’ve got a side project at work I’m doing that I might post for some feedback next week.

I can understand why people don’t want to have their work out on the net, even if the forum is registered. There are a lot of rather dishonest people out there who will not think twice about stealing designs, and most would rather protect their own interests than just get a little feedback. Some of my ‘hot’ projects and ideas will not go here or even on my personal website because of this.

Also, why do people come here just to complain and piss off others? Really. If you want to start arguments, put people down, etc., I’m sure you can find another venue where someone might actually engage you. I was/still am suprised that unregisted guests are allowed to post here, but its not my site so I keep my mouth shut. :slight_smile: Other forums that I participate only allow registed users only, even though it only takes a few minutes to register and costs nothing - at least it weeds out a lot of the crap.

I’m registered but only log in when asked.

lauren g

i like the orange stuff.

cuz designers are crooks!

So you removed it solely “bc of virus emails” i see.
So some random ass bashing you on a thread had nothing to do with it. ok.
I believe you.

Ok, so 4 people know your name and phone # and I’m sure you all have conference calls, thats fine, but its apples to pontiacs. what does that have to do with simply understanding that MAJORITY of peole don’t “lounge” here exchanging birthday e-cards. and because 99% of people that read and visit this site don’t, and you have this branch davidian concept of this site, you’re confused? Maybe they don’t want to get too comfortable on such a site and go through a forced-smile defensive words-dont-hurt-me “great PR” spectacle you went through on that thread.

“why else come here? why do you?”
get real. is that even serious? why do 600 million people visit and read ANY site? want to get anally technical? Just because we ALL (pretty much) don’t want to post a whole bunch of anything for the design gods on this site, they arent justified to come here? please. You seem too old to be this naive.

2 the jerk above,

you might have a better day if you dislodged the stick from your rectum, just a piece of suggestion from anothe unregistered.

Just because you want to use the site to compensate for your small member, doesn’t mean another guy can’t use it to try and build a design support network. If you can’t live and let live, maybe take a hike.

Also, the shirts fit better when you take the hanger out of em