What program is right for me? Please offer your advice.

Hi everyone,

I’m interested in furniture and environmental design, so I first started looking into interior architecture programs, but after speaking w/ people in the field, and scouring core77 and archinect, I realized that I might really want to go for an ID program because it seems more hands on as well as flexible.

After some research, I’m starting to think that my only realistic choice would be the Pratt MID program, because they are more open to people w/ different backgrounds, aand, I just might be able to keep my current job as part time freelance. However I’m also hearing that the Pratt MID program is not very structured, and not career driven and all that.

I’m also looking into the interior architecture program at Konstfack (seems like exactly what I want, but not sure about 4+ more years of school), and DAE Eindhoven, but DAE seems unstructured w/ less emphasis on technical skills much like Pratt, and I’m already lacking the technics so I’m not sure if that’s a good thing for me.

Would anyone here kindly offer me some thoughts on this?

As for my background, I have a BFA with a concentration in photography, and since graduating, I’ve been working for a multimedia installation artist doing production work- which I love, as well as making my own work. But I realized that I’d like to create something less esoteric, and more functional, which is why I’d like to switch over to design. I’m good w/ Illustrator and Photoshop, can draw well, use Sketch Up frequently to make installation proposals, but really have no sculptural or 3-D design experience. Other concerns are costs(I’m so close to paying off my current loans, and am willing to take out more, but would like to avoid if at all possible) time, and job prospectives (I can’t afford more than 3 more years of school, and I’m willing to give up sleeping entirely). Also I’m not very competitive, I want to work in collaboration with people. Is this a problem? Can you tell that I am completely confused? I’d really appreciate any insight. Thank you!

Not sure what the deal with sketch up lately allot of company want designers to learn it. But mainly 3d max, solid work, illustrator, photoshop are main stuff you need to know.

sorry for the delayed reply-- hope you see this.

Go to Pratt. Fred Blumlein teaches exhibit and is excellent. He runs his own business and the class projects are almost always actual design projects that get built. He is very real-world in focus and challenges students to make their ideas happen. Kate Hixon, who also owns her own business, is a great teacher and teaches Space Analysis, both abstract 3D analysis and application. Mark Goetz (yet again, a business owner) teaches a great furniture class.

The key point here is: don’t worry about Pratt not being career focused. The faculty in your areas of interest are very disciplined and bring real-world experience to the classroom.

If you are at all worried about getting in-- the number of applicants keeps increasing-- take one of the continuing ed classes (drawing for ID, or intro to ID) it will greatly increase your chances.