What products do you love or hate?

What products you love or hate?

The buffet. It epitomizes everything about us Americans. Excessive and wasteful.

Many years back the same problem got ugly in Singapore where people will go to hotel buffets on the weekends, get as much as they can onto their plates and only finish 1/5 of it. Restaurants then came out with a policy, that is the customers will have to pay for what they did not finish, measured by weight. It raised a social issue, but worked effectively.

Starck’s microsoft mouse doesn’t seem to impress me at all. I tried it at compusa. It’s either too small or shape isn’t well designed and it doesn’t click right. I have a really cheap mouse for laptop and it works way better.

I guess I like all the products that I have no complain about.

Im not a Mac hater (actually I was very pro-mac until recently).

I use a Mac at work, and to be honest im disillusioned more and more every single day. Macs are very good looking, even down to the OP, but in function they are lacking, which is ironic since macs have been famous for being ‘user friendly’.

Little details drive me nuts, especially in certain design apps. Also, didnt apple invent the concept of drag and drop with icons? if so, they are behind in the times, because a lot of drag and drop features in PCs are well above those of the Macs (and im talking OS X here).

And lastly…it seems just plain stubborn, condescending and simply impractical to STILL ship a ONE BUTTON MOUSE.

There is my vent. I use both a PC and Mac, sometimes simultaneously, so I doubt my post can be categorized as ‘ignorant’ or ‘flaming’.

I hate my 1974 20" Zenith Color Television.

In high school I had a 1974 Chevy Vega “Kammback” which I loved and hated. It had three working cylinders and flames panted on the quarter panels. It’s top speed was 64 mph going downhill, sounded like the car would explode.

BTW, it’s the same car the Nazi guys drove in The Blues Brothers (minus the flames on the sides).

i have a problem with products (other than things like fashion, cosmetics, etc) that are made for women. like a women’s bike, or a women’s cell phone or a women’s gun,etc. it’s not only absurd but stupid. if some design is supposed to be optimal then it should have a range not some kind of a feminity theme involved in it.

It drives me nuts when products are designed with bells and whistles that exist purely for the “cool” factor, or to “freshen the line”, or provide the consumer with (the illusion of) “added value”. Aarrrrrgh!


I generally agree. Some things, like tools, should not be gender-marketed. Pink screwdrivers are insulting to all of us. However in any crowded market, differentiation is a way to sell more stuff. Thus, pink screwdrivers.

Marketing is one aspect of design that I’m not too proud of.

I’m sure you’ve checked out www.baddesigns.com. One of my favorites.

I miss my Coleco Vision. I hate the new games of today.

Coleco vision?! I was broke back then and couldn’t get that expensive new one, so all I had was the Atari 2600 and the one free game that came with it. Suffice it to say, I was thee absolute master at Combat.
Back to the subject, I hate products that are specifically marketed in a socially irresponsible way, like the Kool cigarette labels with illustrations of pop musicians guaranteed to attract their young “target” market. And just about anything else (products, sales-people, etc) that continue the cycle of perpetuating stereotypes, trying too hard to market something made specifically for my “type(?)”.

Daily necessities.
Omega Speedmaster Professional watch ( everyman should own at least one great watch in your live).
Nokia 8890 (last iconic phone w/o all the gizmos).
Slim Coach wallet ( you twist your spine w/ a thick wallet).
Gerber ridge knife (just enough to cut whatever).
On the keys- Leatherman micra (a tool box in your pocket) & Solitaire Mag flashlight (better to have than not).
One-off monthly daily planner made out of Tyvek in back pocket w/ mini pen (Palm pilots are too thick, too power dependent and too fragile).

I love mac’s I use pc and macs, I just think that pc’s save files in folders that I never see and just get junk all over my comp, AND VIRUSES!!! damn…i dont even want to begin to talk about that with my PC, my mac has no prob with viruses, and it is easy for me to use,I think for some it can be tricky.(like my girlfriend)

I love shoes but hate sandals. actually bought two pairs today(kinda collect them have over 300+ pairs of kicks) I am looking for a great pair of basketball shoes now, dont really like what is out right now :frowning:

Also i went to the store today to get the new adidas adiStar Trail, and they only had a 13 normally that would fit but it didnt and they said that they dont carry larger sizes…wht the hell…WE NEED SHOES TO SAY 13 and FIT a 13…( know because of teh materilas and teh last used will effect the sizing but I can wish…)

oooooOOOooo. my other love, my new phone, PDA i got in hong kong while i was there for work,it is not in the states yet, theh company is O2 and the phone is called XDA2 its GREAT!!!

For some reason I have a fetish for my Fiskars No. 8 scissors. Clean timeless design, they work great and are very comfortable.

Alot of Tobias Wong and C. Boym’s works are so stupid…
One time laugh and ah-ha things that only belongs to
museum shops. Cheaply made, played with publicity and
their own name usage for junks that they made …
makes me so sick.

Kudos to the person who invented the crack pipe and gonja pipe. You always make my day.

This is good stuff. keep them coming!

headphones are a great invention and product, but i hate those ipod headphones…they kill my ears and give me a plitn headache.

i love uni-ball pens…i think it was great to have the ink “window” so a person can tell how much ink is left…cant go anywhere without one.