What products do you know that has Magnetic Switches?

My treadmill has a magnetic switch where you would attached the magnet on a string to the area in the center on the console. Are there any products that has a magnetic switch thats not attached to a string?THX

Security systems - magnets go on the door.

Magnetic handles to secure cabinets against babies, put the handle over the cupboard door and it deactivates a latch. The magnet is strong enough to pull it open. To re-secure it cupboard, just pull off the magnet! Not quite the switch you were thinking of, but it can count as one in a way.

We use Magnetic read switches all the time in our products. For example when you put a product in it’s cradle, a magnet in the cradle will trigger the switch and tell it to activate a certain behavior (power down, always on, etc)

Cyberdemon/ whats the name or link to your product?

They’re called Hall Effect Sensors

Cyberdemon/ so when you press the button on the scanner the magnetic switch activates?

are there any other products that uses magnetic switches/ Hall Effect Sensors?

Sorry maybe I wasn’t clear - yes it is a hall effect switch, but it’s not activating the magnet.

There is a magnet placed in the cradle.

There is a hall effect switch in the scanner.

In the case of that product, when you place the scanner into the cradle it detects the magnetic field and says “I’m in cradle mode” and goes into an always-on scanning mode (rather then requiring the user to trigger it). If you ever go to a CVS/7-11 or similar you’ll generally see a product like that on the counter in presentation mode (vs having the user pick it up and click the trigger).

motorola droid has a magnetic sensor (hall effect?) on it’s back to detect when it is in a dock (switches to home / car dock mode)

the older macbook pros use a magnetic mechanical latch to close the lid (the macbooks and unibodies are strictly magnetic, I believe)

I think Butterscotch Robo-Horse has a magnetic carrot so it knows when you “feed him” Sega Toys' Dream Pony is one freaky robot | Engadget

Im trying to find a consumer or industrial product that uses a magnetic switch to turn it on or off like a treadmill I mentioned; not so much a docking station type of application. Almost like a sliding or pivoting switch.

When you say sliding/pivoting switch - you want this to activate something mechanically? Or electrically?

A hall effect switch is just sending out a 1 or 0 electrically, so you could have it act as a soft power switch.

The magnet switch on the treadmill, thats one of those things where you’re supposed to have it tied so if you fall off it turns off? Or is that something else?

electronically like an industrial product for cleaning or consumer product

So a safety/emergency stop tether for a worker?

So why would the hall effect switch not work?

The switch is just a trigger - how you activate that with the magnet itself would be up to you.

Not really clear what type of behavior/action you’re trying to enable or I could be more helpful.

because if I understood correctly the products you mentioned were the docking type/ am I correct?

The hall effect sensor is just a small chip on the PCB, it will detect any magnets nearby. It doesn’t move around or have any physical action performed on it.

If you also have an exercise bike, there might be a magnet/sensor on the wheel for speed measurement.

thanks guys

Like electro said - the sensor is inside the product - when part A is near part B (one contains the sensor, one contains the magnet) it triggers the sensor.

In that particular case, the product is docked, but you could handle it many other ways with that same behavior. You could have a magnet in a plastic key that goes into a keyhole, and when the key is removed it will trigger an action.

You could have two parts that come joined together, and when they are pulled apart, something happens.

You could have a magnet on a motorized wheel that spins around and everytime it passes the sensor it triggers an action (like a bike computer). Many different ways of doing it.

The cell phone dock/scanner cradle is just one way of using part A, part B and a trigger.

It could be the ignition for a lawnmower, it could be a magnet on a pendulum, etc.

Sorry if im way off right now, head not working at the moment, but this came to mind.