What product designs have influenced/impressed you the most?

What are some product designs (besides your own) that really impressed you on a consumer and professional level. Theres lots of great design out there, but name a few that really stick out. Old or new stuff , doesn’t matter. Also, did you buy the product yourself, and was it all that it was cracked up to be?

Audi TT
Oakley watches
Bang and Olufsen subwoofer
Imac (duh.)
Front-loading clothes washers
Sony 17" LCD flatscreen computer monitor (the one with the arched back support)
Nike Flexon Linear sunglasses
Sun Microsystems Telecom 2000 Tradeshow booth (by Contempo)

And my stuff!! :wink: just joking

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners DC01 02, etc
Sony PS Controllers
Mercedes Intuitive touch seat control buttons
Adidas Predator football (soccer) boots
Tag Heuer F1 Pro Watch
Apple Imac (widescreen version)
Lamborghini Gallardo
Sky Digital Remote control (UK)


anything from the Memphis group… all the products listed above were influenced by them in some form.

The NeXT Cube
Sanyo SPH-6400 cell phone (and several other Sanyo designs of late)
Anonimo Watches, Panerai Watches
Oakley sunglasses and footwear
Rotring Pens (designs, but not their choice of materials)
Aston Martin Vanquish
Aprilia RSV Mille and the frames they sculpted for the RS-250
Spinergy bicycle wheels (design, not actual production quality)
Mac OS X (minus the new Panther file Finder)
Delonghi’s kitchen cooking products
Tag/Mclaren audio products

  • nikon coolpix SQ
  • my wind-up radio (original size / form but completely transparent case)
  • Timex ‘TMX’ clip watch, until the spring in the clip broke, and the paint started to come off
  • Bosch upright vacuum cleaner with front nozzle
  • Hyundai Coupe SE
  • Pogo PDA-mobile thingy - but prefered in conceptual stage before it was bought out and modified
  • new laser light keyboard projector thing
  • a £1 curvy triangular highlighter pen with a different colour nib at each point. Not a great highlighter but interesting form influence - too many things are square (they recently started selling a souped-up version of these in WHSmith’s in the UK)

Also everytime I walk past a Ford Puma it makes me look back at it don’t… know… why…

TRM dont be insulted by this question, but are you female?

Just going back to a research report I did a year ago.


…why…? What did your research report show? I’m intrigued.

Are you?

I will explain why I think this.
(may be completely wrong mind as its mostly subjective data)

haha I could play this game for a while if I wanted. Yes of course, though the Hyundai one was just spotted in a queue on the motorway, not so considered (incidently it was being driven by a woman) and also my brother liked it just as much. I could add Audi TT to that, but everyone says that, also colour has a great impact on my choices - I think that if my first view of a car is in a colour that I really dont like, this would affect my view of the car design overall even if I subsequently saw ones in different colours. (the Hyundai was Sliver, like this one)

Designs that have impressed me and continue to do so:

  1. Original Mac from '84. Totally useless with as little memory as it had, but it took computers from the gods and gave them to man.

  2. iPod: not the aesthetics, but rather the consumer shift that it has now burned into the flash memory of occidental culture. The iPod took the mp3 from something you hid on your computer to something you could use on the walk to school.

  3. My Sony shortwave. I mentioned this in another post, but the manufacturing quality of this continues to blow me away, although it has some dubious ergonomics.

  4. Porsche 914. How can Mr914 not mention Butzi’s masterwork? The 914 was an ugly little car made worse with US crash testing. But when one sweeps away the '70’s design trends that lie in its details, one finds that the form is incredibly well proportioned. Moreover, the form adds to the strength of chassis, which is incredibly useful due to the innovative packaging of the vehicle.

  5. Zen. In its purist form it is the most freeform religion, a masterpiece that can not be bettered.

  6. A typical concrete block. Wonderful for both building and for creating modular furniture.

I must say, these were my spontaneous thoughts. If I think of something else, I may add to it later.