What plug ins are necisary for product design in Rhino?

I’m curious what add ons would be nice to have or necisary to have in order to efficiently do Consumer Electronics Product Design / Toy Design? There are alot of plug ins that I hear about but I’m wondering what I need in order to get started.

Rhino is probably all you need… unless you practice a lot with T-splines. If you want to be cool with T-Splines you should be able to add split draft into a model. Say like a plastic chair back.

Cool that’s good to know. Do you recomend anything like V Ray or any other renderers that might enhance my models or make my life easier.

Is T splines a good thing that would be a real advantage to have or is it just slightly nice to have? I’m basically ready to dive into some tutorials and I’m just worried that I’ll start and then realize that I’m missing something very important or some plug in that will cancel out all that I learned. I’m fairly clueless about the whole thing currently and I would appreciate your imput.


A great free rendering plug-in is called Auxpecker:


I use it all of the time for quick image captures. It’s not photo real, but does a really nice job. And it’s fast. And free.

I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for link.

T-splines are something that can leverage your proving form expertise. If you sketch for hours on a form, t-splines can be an extension to that proving form process of yours. It takes quite a bit of practice and patients (like learning how to concept sketch) like anything you set out to learn. I’ve practiced conceptual ideation with Sub’D modifications for years and T-Splines are just a subset of T-Spline manipulation tools.

I would advise that after you learn Rhino (and I suggest either having a friend push you or take a class someplace to jump start your learning) then learn T-Splines.

That makes sense and helps alot. Thanks alot for the info. This all helps me gradually get a grip on what everything does. Thanks much!

For your final render, my advice is maxwell, it’s a crazy rendering software, and you will get an amazing quality in a short time setup.

(Sorry if there are mistakes in this message… my english is really poor)

might look into vray as well… Maxwell is probably better. I think Vray is bigger for the job postings.

for non photo real, I like penguin. Its super fast. I use it a lot for quick mock-up’s and illustrations for inter-office presentations/crits.

Cool. So if I understand this correctly, Penguin would be good for quick renders and Vray or Maxwell is good for photo real but might take longer. Am I understanding this correctly? Is flamingo any good compared to these renderers? or is flamingo amatuer stuff?

Excuse my spelling also, it is not my specialty.