What other messenger software like ICQ ?

Hi! Is there any other program like ICQ messenger in the net that is more compact and lite ? And free :wink:


I’m finally on Skype which has an IM component. The VOiP quality is also much better than I expected.

Trillian is a good one too… you can set it up with MS Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo, and AOL; so you have one SW running but you can chat with people across the different networks. Free too

Doesn’t Google have a chat app? I’m not a Gmail user so I haven’t checked it out.

And 37signals has something - campfire, I think - that is web-based rather than app-based and is supposedly intended for large group chat.

Well, for Windows, the best app I know of is Trillian.
For Mac (which is what I use myself), the best app I know of is Adium (www.adiumx.com).
Both those clients are compatible with many, many different networks (MSN, AOL, ICQ etc.). And as far as Adium is concerned, it’s free and totally customizable (apperance-wise) and is generally a joy to use.

And yeah, Google has Google Talk - but I haven’t tried that out (heard very little about it as well, and what I heard was mixed)
And yeah, 37signals has Campfire, and as mentioned it’s more of chatroom-type web-app, than a two-person dialog system like ICQ. But Campfire is very nice nontheless.
And if you want to go a little old-school there’s IRC (mIRC for Windows, and, I guess, Snak for the Mac) which is chatroom-centric as well and reminiscent of command-line interfaces.

And of course there’s always MSN Messenger for Windows/Mac (the Mac version’s not very good though) or iChat for the Mac.
And the list goes on:
Yahoo, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, Lotus Sametime, Novell Groupwise… etc

Nearly every Chinese person I know uses this chat app called ‘QQ’.

isn’t the name “QQ” somehow related to chinese slang for 'Bye Bye"?