What objects do you keep on your desk?

What favorite objects do you keep on your desk? Any favorite vintage object or toy?

My most recent add is this Audi Avus Matchbox I picked up at a thrift store in Portland.

Today I am looking at:

Skinny Sharpie
Fat Sharpie
Ballpoint pen (good documentation practices for the quality system)
Espresso cup & saucer
Powered toothbrush model and extra parts
Jump drive
A penny
Diet Mountain Dew bottle, empty

Forgot …

Self-healing cutting mat

-Frank Lloyd Wright challenge coin
-Cintiq Pen in holder
-Water Bottle
-Bic Ballpoint
-Sharpies (ultra fine and standard)
-Sticky Notes
-3"x3" Zintra acoustic panel sample I got at NeoCon a couple years ago
-Table Lamp

Most recent favorite item:
Mini Pokemon in a suit figure, purchased on this year’s winter vaca to Japan.

For vintage:
Before bring it back home, for a few years I had a wood Starship Enterprise toy that my father made for me in his basement shop. It’s a beautiful, simple, version of the ship.
I’m considering making a wood one (one of the new versions of the ship) for him, but with the twist of making it on one of the cnc machine I have access to.

Besides that my desk is surrounded by stuff related to, mostly past, exhibit/interactives I’ve designed, graphics of various sorts and personal team/department related stuff.

oh wow, the dad made starship enterprise sounds like a treasure. Can you post a pic?

A few things bopping around my desk. The white organic blobby thing is a porcelain cast of a circus peanut :slight_smile:


On my worksurface, only Cintiq, pen/holder, and laptop/dock. On my credenza: books; SLS of a guest chair that launched 2 years ago and table series that launched this year; gator SLA for 20+ years and can’t remember the modelmaking firm that gave it to me; Hon light fixture. All those personal items are against policy because our office building is a working showroom with customer tours :astonished:

Speaking about Japan-stuff, I recently got this Totoro mug with integrated felt bottom and silicone lid, it’s fantastic!

Here’s a pic of the Enterprise. With my father’s ‘design practicality’ , he made it so it would sit balanced on the secondary hull

The same way the Supermarine seaplane toy he made has over-sized pontoons so it would float well in water.

To the left of my desk is my nod to “Edge of Tomorrow”

That little Enterprise is awesome. What a cool keepsake.

I think the next logical step is a “1500 chairs” book!

I’ve been eyeing the Eames House Bird for a while. Just found out they have the 3D model available on Vitra’s website, I guess a 3D print will have to do until I make the $250 plunge. A decoy for a decoy, if you will! :laughing:

A link to the 3D file if anyone wants to do the same: Vitra | Eames House Bird | Official Vitra® Online Shop (click CAD data)

Also wonder why they have the 3D data available for free?

Nearly all contract office furniture companies have 3D data for the interior designers to use in their specifying/layouts. Steelcase, HM, Haworth, HON all have them for most of their products. Low res Sketchup, Revit, or Autocad usually.

[ Deleted ]

On my desk I have nothing particularly special.

On the wall in front of my desk I have a world scratch map, which is probably my favourite ‘near my desk’ item, a GFDA poster and a bunch of printed off quotes that I think are motivational.

Yeah it is.

The fortune reads: “Although it feels like a roller coaster now, life will calm down.”

NPD = rollercoaster for life

Love the Sinbad.

  1. A “Star Wars” water bottle
  2. A Stuffed Totoro - a famous cartoon Japanese character
  3. A cup of coffee