What music do you find helps your designing?

Some good leads or music here that I haven’t heard yet… Thanks. Here are some o mine:

San Francisco music streams I dig:


an indy music site:


Some favs of late:

83 Ulrich Schnauss
Dandy Warhols
53 Neuromotor
03 American Analog Set
21 The Doves
01 The Young Machines
13 death cab for cutie

Modern Jazz:

Rebirth Brass Band
(anyone going to JAZZFEST this year?)

all-time-favs and classics of mine:

DJ Shadow
Deltron 3030
Toad the Wet Sprocket
Old Metallica
Pink Floyd
The Beatles
Bob Dylan
Bob Marley
Jimmy Hendrix
… Too many to list!

Other streams I like to design to:
Stream name: } } X T C . R A D I O . L O N D O N { { DJ Journeys Into the Underground
UrbanDrop.ca - 24/7 Drum’n’Bass & Jungle London Elektricity - Fast Soul Music
D&B and jungle
Stream name: Bassdrive - Music Beyond - 24/7 Drum and Bass
Destroyer.net Radio: Break Culture Advanced

As always its constantly changing but these seem to be the lasting ones:

John Frusciante - Guitarist for chili peppers, great fill in the blank
Misfits - To get my arse moving
Chili Peppers - Anything
Jimi Hendrix - Elcetric ladyland only
Interpol - A new fav
Jealous Sound
Pedro the Lion
Desperado soundtrack
Dusk till dawn soundtrack

I enjoy

old french cafe music
-Edith Pliaf
-Yves Montand

-Bebel Gilberto
-Astrud Gilberto

New Orleans Jazz
-Woody Allen (yes the movie maker)

AL GREEN… kicks ass anyday

Guerilla, you just hit the mark! Al Green is the man.
You know he is actually now the reverent Al green and has his own church.

I’m not religious but thats one service I would definatly go to.

At the moment ts all about:
Fannypack - suprisingly good
Deltron 3030
Some ropey70s internet radio station
Johnny Cash
Nu Skool Breaks
Beastie Boys - 5 boroughs

Tenacious D
Postal Service
Damien Rice
David Gray
Aesop Rock

I intern at design-engine.com and we lissen to tecno and dance all day and night. Who is ever the first in the office at 7 am turns it on, with the base thumping. It doesn’t go off till the last person passes out.

http://www.epitonic.com breakbeat

i like happy music too-why not john mayer or anything ambient from someoddpilot records. check them out.

I listen to Latin music from www.batanga.com on the basis that if I don’t understand what they’re singing about I don’t get distracted.

Find myself singing along in Spanish though with no idea what I’m singing about.

good to see some fellow josh davis fans…

company flow
eddie kendricks
common (sense)
mos def
kanye west
james brown
das efx
fiona apple
(mad) skillz
stevie wonder
sly and the family stone
organized konfusion
invisibl skratch piklz

(much of the same+)
postal service

anything electronic, repetitive, helps you become one with the machine haha


The Chillout channel.

This week:

LCD Soundsystem
Pere Ubu
the Kinks
the Streets
Hot Snakes
Fu Manchu
Charlie Mingus
Sonny Rollins

The more caffeine I drink, the more metal I listen to.

word. i love you guys. if you’ve yet to hear kexp, the seattle non-prof radio station i strongly suggest you check it. kexp.org. they play pretty much all the things listed here, but i guess more on the indie side with injections of dance, hip-hop, jazz, r+b, etc…

i could talk forever about that dang station.

Check out .http://www.3hive.com.

Hundreds of links to record label websites that are giving a few tracks away to promote their bands.

Some groups to consider:

The Faraway Places
The Aluminum Group

Fun Lovin Criminals
Marilyn Manson
Scum of the Earth
The Mars Volta
A Perfect Circle

Why? cause i love jazz & blues & trip, but they make me sleepy & i can rest when i’m dead.

Today Ipod list looks like…

Talib Kweli
A Tribe Called Quest
Bright Eyes
The Flaming Lips
Handsome Boy Modeling School (track 2 and 6 on the newer album was the highlight of my day)
Jurassic 5
Sonic Youth

and its only 4pm!

all i do is to get myself in the mood and to get my creative design juices flowing is i take all my favorites industrial/EBM music (however you all wanna label 'em) i.e. KMFDM, Nitzer Ebb, FLA, F242 and etc. and put all in shuffle mode and crank it up 'till the ground starts shaking! If I want something soothing then I switched to Delerium. :smiley:

I used to be into all that stuff in college. FLA and Skinny Puppy in particular. Tactical Neural Implant was practically cemented in my cassette deck. I moved onto drum n’ bass after that (first intelligent, then jump-up, then techstep, now broken-beat.) In fact, I’ve got some old school Omni Trio jammin’ on the iPod now.

nothing … I never could study with music in the background, keep sliding into the lyrics, etc.

can’t “design” with it on either.