What Mouse?

So after decades of toughing it out with an Apple Magic Mouse I just switched to a Logitech MX vertical and 3 minutes in I’m like holy crap, why did I not do this sooner. Love that it can pair to 3 computers and seemly switch between them. I also like the pointer speed toggle on the top for switching to more precise work on the fly. And you can use it while it is charging and it is actually comfortable…


That’s cool. Looks very pro. Logi MX Master gets zero complaints from me or the team, but cutting edge interface tools are almost always worthwhile upgrades.

Magic Mouse however has nearly nothing going for it, aside from build quality and styling. Good move dude!

How are you finding the clicking sideways?

I found I was still trying to click down at first but got used to it after a couple of days. Maybe it’s because my forearm is so deformed from using the Magic Mouse

Thinking I might get their Craft keyboard as well… I wish both the keyboard and muse were a little heavier, but that is about the only nice thing about using the apple products.

I’m going through that, it is a little weird to get used to, but it is a lot more comfortable. Going from mousing to typing I find my arm trying to stay in that rotated position, but I think I’ll adapt. I miss the capacitive scrolling a bit on the Magic Mouse, but the trade off for the more precision with the wheel is worth it.

I get a pretty sore forearm from being on CAD all day and wondered about getting one of those. A friend at work has an evoluent vertical mouse and seems to like it.

That is interesting about the side clicking. Wonder how the ‘click’ force was tuned for side vs vertical presses. I bet we all press much harder in the vertical, due to the hardness of the table top, where on the side you are countering the force with your thumb.

I like the idea of the Logi Craft keyboard but why did they have to add the 10-key? Is there a species of creative person who are power-users of the 10-key? I’d rather have the additional couple inches of open space.

Creative person who uses the 10-key here all day long in Photoshop to adjust layer transparency (5=50%, 7=70%, 0=100%, etc…), same with brush and eraser pressure. I can’t stand using a keyboard without it.
I understand on a laptop, but I’ve got plenty of room on my desk for an extra 2" of plastic for the speed efficiency I get from it.

I use the Logitech MX Master Mouse. Love it! I had a lot of hand aches a few years ago from the different types of mouse (mice?) I was using. Switched to the MX, and haven’t had any hand pain since.

Logitech all day errday, they’re killing it. I’ve had an MX anywhere for a couple years now. It’s been a perfect mouse- small enough to throw in my bag but big enough to avoid hand cramps while I’m in cad for a few hours.

Design fads aside I’m also a huge fan of the speckled keyboard (k780). It’s so satisfying, and I can use it for my desktop or my ipad.

That’s the answer I was looking for. Good stuff. Carry on!

Logitech m570 for maybe 10 years already! I’m on my third one. :slight_smile:

How does the roller ball feel? Does your thumb accidentally move it around when working?

It would be interesting to see how it was validated. I wonder if we do actually press harder in the vertical, or if it feels that way because the mechanics make it harder. The side click replicates a natural pinch grip, which I would have assumed would be much stronger than the normal up and down tapping motion.

Yep, only the ball moves, by rolling it around with your thumb. The rest of the body stays stationary. Looks like you would handle it like a mouse, but you dont. You do occasionally need to pop the ball out to clean the ‘bearings’ (=nylon nubs).

I couldnt live without the 10 key as well. Im always inputting dimensions and I can blindly hit the right number and dont need to move my entire arm.

Have any of you tried other brands of vertical mice? Ive tried the Anker as it was one of the original ones, but just couldnt deal with it. Aside from the different orientation, it just felt cheap and didnt have the feedback I am accustomed to. Im wondering if a better quality Logi would be nicer, or if I just need to deal with the adaptation period for a bit longer.

Im currently using a G602, but have been debating moving to a vertical. I really like having the 8 thumb buttons, as they are all linked to hot keys that I have to hit probably 3000 times a day, so those are saving me a ton of time.

Wow, that still has the very old logo designed by frog The Life and Untimely Death of Technology's Weirdest Logo

Neat mouse. Shame about the new “logi” brand. What a fail.


Great thread! Love these kinds of ones. @Holtag: that Logitech with the metallic ball is still so cool. Off-topic, but that dark gray with metallic blue definitely has some Factory Pomo vibes. I wish I made up that term, but anyone should remember this kind of aesthetic that is rarely described: https://www.are.na/evan-collins-1522646491/factory-pomo

One designer I worked with for a short time actually used his Cintiq and stylus for 90% of all mouse use as far as I could tell – I think it was due to wrist issues, sadly. But pretty cool that he could do Solidworks all with the pen and keyboard.

I was a big fan of the Anywhere MX2 mouse that I had for a few years, and do like the ID of it a lot, it had some clicking and lag issues, unfortunately.

After some research, I found the Logitech G502 had great reviews as a high-end wireless mouse – you can even adjust the polling rate to make sure the lag is zero. It’s aesthetic is definitely not for everyone, but I love it. Hope there are some Logitech ID readers on these boards ; ) Some of the competitor gaming mice look aggressive at first but can have an oddly swoopy, melted look that this one nicely avoids. Ergonomically, the extra buttons don’t get in the way ever and can make a nice addition for things like a screenshot tool.

@rkuchinsky curious why you see the logi rebrand as a fail? I thought it was a nice refresh from their older version and it seems to fit with the new VBL they developed for their new products.

It’s an unnecessary rebrand (logitech=>logi) in my opinion. The wordmark is fine, I actually like it, think it is well executed and think it would be a nice logo evolution. The logitech brand had (as far as I know) a lot of history and positive brand value (as noted in this thread) . Was pretty descriptive of the space the brand was in (tech). The new one A)means nothing (what is a logi?), B)doesn’t read well (looks like loogie (which is snot), C)add nothing and is so similar that if they were trying to get away from some negative brand associations I am not aware of, doesn’t stray far enough.

I’m sure some “branding agency” was paid hansomely for the effort, but I think is a huge fail. Old brand (logitech) in new wordmark would be great. Just kinda reeks of some effort to repackage a tech brand into a lifestyle brand for millennials and totally missing the mark. Could be worse I guess. Could be “iLogi!” …

Just my 0.02$ without any deeper analysis or research.

ps. EDIT - am I missing something here, is the brand now logi or logitech? URL is logitech.com, the mouse below says logitech in the new font with the smile below the “g”, but the website also has pics of products with “logi” and ones with “logitech” on them and a pop-up saying “GET THE LOGI LATEST” (all in caps not consistent with the brand BTW). Inconsistency is the new consistency?

I wonder sometimes about the suitability of gaming peripherals for industrial design tasks, CAD and rendering and the like. Would imagine they are both intended for looooong-duration use and comfort, and having more hot-keys on the hand might be helpful. Granted my MX Master has a second scroll wheel and some hidden buttons that I never ever use.