What makes a good design studio?

Hey all, I’m a Industrial designer from Singapore.

I’m thinking of doing some freelancing and have been thinking what kind of services can I offer to really stand out?

What do clients who engage us really want, what makes a good design studio…

They want us to give them all our ideas and get rich off our work then pay us peanuts. =)

I think it is providing value. Being able to add a fresh new perspective that furthers their product and brand in ways they had not expected. A good design firm will help its clients embrace change and foresee what is coming before they even realize it themselves. It’s really about exceeding expectations and delivering on time, on budget consistently…not to mention being easy to work with.

Thanks for the insight mp!
My main concern is, there are so many design studios, freelancers out there, not to mention those big consultancies we have all heard off. It sets me thinking how can I differentiate from others, do I need to specialize in a certain field or skill? Do I need to carve out a niche for myself?

Yeah some consultants are niche firms that do just toys or shoes or some other specialty. I think your firm will evolve and change to adapt to the clients. If you get a repeat customer in a certain field, you may end up being known for designing for that particular type of product. Others go a different route and become generalists, making it a point to do many differet types of projects so as to not get typecast.

Focus on what you are good at. Hopefully that is designing.
Good luck.