What makes a good boss?

I have been reading the thread on what boss do you have. A lot of people bitching about their boss being the shits.

Do you have a good boss? What makes them good? As an employee what do you expect from a manager?

Curious as I am heading into the “managment phase” of my career and would like to hear what the good ones do, as opposed to what the bad ones do.

have two bosses. They feel confident about their positions cause in the place where I work hierarchies rule so they rely on hierarchies, they dont care about updating over design abilities. No matter how hard I try to reach a better position in the company its almost an impossible task, quite frustrating i guess. (cause i know and i feel more prepared than they are)
What makes a good boss?
I think that a really good boss seeks abilitites and talent, and not seniority.

Well let’s see, here are things I wish for in a boss:

  • someone who doesn’t mind being a mentor
  • not feel threatened that their underlings might soon be their boss but instead take pride that you’ve helped in their career development
  • graceful under pressure
  • doesnt’ play favorites
  • is realistic to labour demands (unless there’s over time $$, don’t ask me to come in on a Saturday, just because what we needed came in on Friday at 5pm and expect things to be done on Monday am)

Anyone else care to add?

I can offer a little insight as I have a great boss.

When he was hired I was talking to someone that I work with who said she’d recommended him, I asked why and what she liked about him and all she said was that she recommended him because “he’s a fucking human being”. She was right.

Basically a good boss will always put him/herself in their employees shoes. It’s that simple and any good leader in any situation who does this will more than likely gain their respect. People work for all kinds of reasons, money, their career, to gain skills, and yes to move up the ladder. A good boss has employees that also work for him because they respect him.

A good boss has good communication skills, it’s good in design to provide direction and make suggestions. Sometimes my boss makes great suggestions. Sometimes they work out great and sometimes they’re not exactly what the client was looking for, but it’s great to have him there when you fall into a rut or creative roadblock, and a boss that’s willing to take some time out of their day to help you through that, because they’ve been through that, just points back to a leader putting themself in your shoes.

Another thing about my boss is that he’s stated here’s there to work for us and get us the things we as designers need to get the job done.

A good boss = not the design VP of Kohler![/i]

who are Kohler , and why are they soooooo bad?

kohler makes faucets, sinks etc nice stuff, too bad

to be a good boss, you have to be a good servant

To have a point, you need to be specific. :unamused:

If you’re going to talk in riddles and criticize a design VP without facts, don’t bother. It just makes you look like an immature ass with a chip on your shoulder.

I hope your boss doesn’t go into these boards and find these negative comments and remarks, especially when the name of company and position is blatantly shown.

best boss = NO boss, for the fortunate few

maybe Mary Reid will read this even if it was a cheap shot.
no ax to grind here…

Best boss is one who cares about his/her worker bees with clear judgments and cares.

My former boss at Newsweek magazine and my boss’s design director were both sweetest hearted people I had ever met.
They cared about the low position employees like myself with remembering special occasions such as birth days and Christmas for 3 years!
It was very thankful thing when you were in the low position and those high position people really care about you personally.
My boss always brought us (department) her homemade cakes and finger food for snacks. During summer, whole department visited her house (2-3 times every summer) and enjoyed BBQ and swimming.
And whenever the designers were stressed out, we all went out for the dinner together and enjoyed bit of wine.
That’s why the company has so many people who have been working there for more than 10-20 years. I truly miss them very much.
The arrogance of the designers were-‘0’, and they were trully talented, honest and realistic.