What made you want to do industrial design?

For some people it may be the money for others the inspiring job of being able to draw something cool everyday as a job, and what about you? What made you want to start doing industrial design? Whats your sketch story?

I don’t think people choose this field for the money, ID is not particularly recognized for it’s large salaries. For me, ever since I can remember I have been drawing and curious about repairing and taking things apart. My dad is also an architect so I literally grew up in his office abusing the sweet supplies of Tria markers, electric eraser and messing around in Photoshop, AutoCad. Fun times. When time came to choose a career I had the opportunity to visit the design department at Bombardier and I was really impress with the clay model making, 3d softwares, 3d printing, etc. It just seemed too cool of a career to pass by. Oddly enough, I’m not really into car or transport design but visiting a company related to this field really convinced me in the end. I also felt that all the tools designers had at their disposition were really empowering in taking to reality creative ideas. The diversity of the possible projects and scale at which the industrial designer is working felt more attractive to me than architecture.

Pretty much for the pink suits and goggle glasses.

What else is there?

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I like what Vandebar had to say, I myself am a tinkerer and gadgety. I have always been an artist as well. I love drawing, painting, graffiti, and making stuff. I have always been fascinated with everyday products. Personally, I love seeing concepts become a physical reality. That moment when you see someone using or wearing something you created is an amazing feeling. To be able to support yourself or your family by means of design is extraordinary!

This is true! It’s important to sometimes stop and realize that you are actually having a job you love and are passionate about.
Especially when the going gets tough.

I saw this Onion article recently and it reminded me of how much of privilege a good design job actually is…