What laptop, running Rhino, Solidworks, Alias

I know this has been brought up before, but never a real straight answer.

I’m a student at CCAD, plan to do mostly softgoods out of school, I have a G5 for page layout and possible rendering with MAYA. I need a decent portable laptop preferably 14in wide, not Desktop Replacement, want to be mobile. Been looking at these:

1:Gateway® M210 series

2:Compaq V2000 series

Plan to max out the Processor, hardrive, and ram.

What is that Extreme Graphics 2, will it stand up and render decent, I’m not looking for photo quality, I’ve got school machines to render, really just want to be able to model from home.

never used celeron, but supposedly you should stay away from them. they have very little level2 cache memory, so they don’t have the processing power of pentiums. i’ve also read that pentium m has decent integer performance, but lags behind pentium 4m in floating point, which would be important for crunching renders or rebuilding a history tree of a model, or computing a fillet surface.

intel extreme graphics 2 is intel’s integrated graphics chipset. if you buy a motherboard on a desktop machine with this, then there’s no add in video card, just a chip on the motherboard creating the 2d and 3d video. add in cards are much faster, so if you want to shade anything heavy or use texture maps in shaded mode, get a laptop (or desktop for that matter) with an add in video processor / video card. something like the dell precision laptops with ati firegl or nvidia quadro.

of course, those are mucho dinero, so in between there’s ati radeon and nvidia geforce, add in chips that don’t have the cad certifications. they’re faster than the intel onboard graphics, but may not work with your cad package of choice. also, intel graphics probably will suck if you want a 200 pixel airbrush to paint smoothly in photoshop. haven’t tried it myself, just a hunch.

you said no desktop replacement, stress the mobile, so if you can find pentium m centrino with good add in graphics chip, you’re set.

Dell M70, VooDoo, Alienware, Sager…

Any of those would do

Now - what if it is a Desktop replacement / weight not an issue / wanting 17" screen - any suggestions or key features to bump up-

I need something PC portable /use Solidworks/ Rhino/ Adobe suite - looking at Dell Inspiron 9300. I get confussed by the video card issue / and what’s the preferred set up for 3d-CAD / adobe.

:stuck_out_tongue: Lets flesh out the ID’ers Checklist of technical goodies required for the above:

processor: Pentium4 / Anthalon 64
ram: 1 gig
video card -------

open GL–?


I am using an oldish Dell M50 and would get the M60 or M70, whatever the new model is called. Good graphics cards, great screens and run for a decent period of time on batteries (I get 5 hours with both batteries loaded, a friend who has a similar spec VAIO gets 45min max, only one battery slot, unbelievable). Downsides are they are heavy, esp with both batteries loaded and aren’t as sexy as the Powerbooks, but then what is?

Thanks for the input - weight is not really a concern. I don’t completly understand what is needed in terms of video cards, video ram, relay bus?, or what type of layout/ architecture is ideal for the above uses. Is “open GL” someting that is required? what about math factor chips etc.
My current Laptop, 3 yrs old - 1gig Pentim/ 250 ram/ factory video card/ is an off brand that crashes at will for no reason- some clock issue i think, or when I push it with Soild works or anything really it bonks. Is it worth the extra coin for ultra expensive video cards- dual processors???

any thoughts my techie friends-
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I got a hand full of thoese inspiron’s from DELL. 17" screen Fast machine. Really love it. It is not as fast as those m50 machines but it is close. I run all of the above software programs on mine with great luck.

I and one other will be Dallas today Firday the 13th thru sunday the 15th if anyone wants to hook up. 312.804.4619

I bought an INspiron 8200 three years ago. Awesome investment. Dell’s M-70?) is a good buy. Runs Solidworks well. Alias might ned some graphics acceleration so you ould have to check that as Alias foes not run on my Dell