What kinda stuff does Steve McQueen carry?

Enjoyed the article on the front page made me smile!! It made me think

What kinda stuff would a modern Steve McQueen carry, use, drive, wear?

I think he would drive a Alfa Romeo 8c


What do you think?

I dunno… even though he actually raced a Porsche 908, he was about as “American” as any actor could be… I don’t think he’d be caught dead, so to speak, in an Alfa. :sunglasses:

Steve Who?

he’ll probably still be carrying the same things + an iPhone.

He would still be carrying a compass to draw circles.

What he drives depends on if you’re talking about McQueen the guy he played, or the guy he was. The guy he was might drive this 911 GT2RS.

Regular people drive mustangs.

The bunch of “Steve McQueen” projects during the last years prove one sole thing foremost:

What a lucky guy Paul Newman was, to live long enough to keep any passers buy from messing with his legacy.


What a lucky guy Paul Newman was, to live long enough to keep any passers buy from messing with his legacy.

And what a legacy it is. His food product lines commit their profit to charities through his Newman Foundation; over $300 Million since 1982. Newman and McQueen were direct competitors of each other throughout their careers, both vying for studio contracts in their early careers. They both drove competitively, although never against each other (Newman: 24 Hr of Daytona, '79/McQueen: Sebring, '70*) .

I can’t help but believe that McQueen would have entered the “salad dressing business” if he had survived. :wink:

  • McQueen and his co-driver Peter Revson’s Porsche came in second to Mario Andretti/Nino Vaccarella’s Ferrari. But… McQueen drove with a cast on his left foot as a result of multiple fractures sustained in a motorcycle competition two weeks before … Bad A$$

I had no idea he was so freakin’ hardcore. I’m jonesin’ to watch “The Great Escape” now. Hmmmm… office movie party?

I had no idea he was so freakin’ hardcore.

He wanted to do all his own “stunt work” in LeMans but the insurer of the production forbid it. And during the filming of The Great Escape it took them several weeks to find a motorcyclist capable of doing the stunts as well as McQueen could do them himself … at one point in the film he was dressed in a German uniform and chasing himself.

The Baja 1000, the Mint 400 and the Elsinore Grand Prix, The Triumph TR6 Trophys, and he represented the United States in the International Six Days Trial. Off-Road Motorcycle Hall of Fame, 1978. Over 100 motorcycles in his collection when he died.

Newman and McQueen were both The Real Deal, but McQueen was an total GearHead.