What kind of software should I use?

I want to become an Industrial Designer (i’v already registered myself to Industrial design and Robotics in Utrecht, Holland). I am having a hard time choosing a program.

What kind of program should I use for making 3d models?
Autodesk AliasStudio or Rhino

And should I use an other program for the engineering aspect of the product, and which program?
ProE or Solidworks

Thinks that I think are important:

  1. draw a sketch into the program or sketch it right into the program with the tablet pc.
  2. The actual rendering of the product should look super sharp.
  3. The program shouldn’t limit your imagination.
  4. The program should have a bright future, so it’s probarly stille used
    over 4 years

I am also having problems finding the price Autodesk AliasStudio, the Commercial version, could somebody tell my this one. Because I am going to use the program(s) commercialy to in the feature. I have read somewhare a price of 25000 euro, but just couldn’t beleive it.

Thanks, I hope the question is clear and that the English isn’t to bad.

Worry less about software and more about concept sketches. The future for design is in ideas. My business was once receiving more $/hr on 3D/CAD than concepts. Now CAD is dirt cheap and concepts are worth money (as it should be).

Alias Studio (the low-end but very good version) is about $3000 US. The very high-end version (which mostly is used by automobile companies) is maybe $12,000 US or so (I’m unsure).

For someone new, I recommend Rhino for learning (see my software links thread at the top of this forum). Maybe later consider SolidWorks or Pro/E or some other CAD application.

Pencils, markers and paper is still the standard. I use them all the time (I also use my Wacom and other tools, but I use a variety of tools to help spur new ideas just in process).

My .02

Thanks Csven,

Im gonna start with Rino. I also already bought a book on marker rendering and sketching.