What kind of shoes are these?

Hi. I was hoping that someone here might be able to help me out with finding a pair of shoes. I’m looking for something similar to these:

I don’t even know where to start, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

i could be wrong but they look kinda like a pair of clarks desert boots

think they re on sale at hanon-shop

They difinitely look Clarkes’ish but the last shape looks sleeker, I would guess something more expensive.

yeah yo but check the dudes sox!! those slax!! you 're telling me he’s stepped straight out off the Milan cat walk?

Duffer have just brought out a desert boots which are pretty sharp. (high top though).
Otherwise Jump the gun
sell them, although they dont seem to have them on their sight. give them a call. top quality blokes.

Actually, he’s Cat Stevens … you can see the full image here.

Er … here at discosantigos.com

pardon me while I slip into Cliff Clavin mode:

there probably “Chukkas” so named for the periods in Polo matches. (don’t ask me why)

Clark’s Desert boot are a variation on the same theme. its basically a four part upper with two or three eyelet holes. the vamp and tongue are usually one piece (the Clark’s version has a central seam that runs from the tongue down the vamp) with two piece side by side collar. the upper is often welt stitched or direct stitched onto the outsole which is usually leather.

Its one of the first mass manufactured shoe patterns. Hence the low piece count and relative symmetry of the pattern pieces for a good yield.

That pic of Cat Stevens is from the sixties; when he was a popular folksinger in the UK, way before he grew a beard, changed his name to Yusef Islam, became a Muslim and got barred from a US bound flight from the UK. Judging from his Carnaby Street style suit they were probably italian or a pretty nice UK version in Suede of an Italian pattern.

but then again I could be completely wrong…

is this billable?

woah, dont you wish that qu would come up on Millionaire!!
respect to you bru, in a strange sort of way

thanks a bunch, tom! I did some looking around and came across these Clarks Men’s Originals Desert Trek Oxfords which look a bit similar & are just what I was looking to get.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much on the Chukkas though :frowning:

:sunglasses: just doin my job ma’am

I heard Danner makes some nice shoes

had a scout around for you Mr Stevens, where you at? UK , US?? If its the Uk then Schuh can probably sort you out, tried Hanon but they’re stockless, not even any Nikes anymore… strange

i love those shoes.
the ones up the top that cat stevens is rockin u can probably buy in that old shoe shop in Hobbiton, which is just up the road from the brandywine bridge if i remember correctly…