what kind of salary I can expect if I were to work at Munich

Dear All

I am a product design engineer with 2 years of experience in consumer electronic product design. I have experience in taking the product from the concept sketch to manufacturing.

I have offers to work for design firms in Munich and Taipei. Can anyone tell me what kind of salary I can expect if I were to work at Munich or Taipei?

it sounds like you will be planning to work at Pilotfish.
Dont plan on making bank. The guys there are sketchy and take serious advantage of interns and part time employees.
watch out

Is Pilotfish that bad?

Any way the Taipei offer is not from Pilotfish.Do you know anybody who works there?can you tell what pilotfish is/was paying the guys?

I have had several aqaintences of mine work/intern there.
They seem ok at first, pay 500 euro cash a week, and say:

'well, were really not sure about your skillz yet…lets try a few more weeks…(at the same shitty pay)…and it continues till you get frustrated then leave…then they hire someone else to do the same…
hope it helps

This is strange because I had heard different stories from my friends who think it’s a great place to work Is it possible for you to give me the contact of the person who had worked with them before?

no sorry…

Hello Everyone,

We are some members of Pilotfish who just came across this thread today and we would like to share our point of view.

In general:

One of the most important characteristics about Pilotfish is the chemistry of our team. For this reason, people who apply to work at Pilotfish not only have an interview, but also go through short test projects. This means that the applicant gets the chance to experience the atmosphere of Pilotfish in a real working situation. This also enables us to get to know the applicant’s personality and approach to work, as well as their design skills.

The test projects normally do not apply to designers with a proven track record. However, for “fresh” designers out of ID school and with less experience, the test project consists of 3 paid test projects lasting about 3 weeks in total. In rare cases these three weeks are not continuous, based on our project schedule and the needs of the applicant. In other cases we have also hired applicants before they have completed their test-projects.

In short, this is how we approach all candidates that apply for a full time position:

Both the applicant and we agree on the following at the interview:

During this period the applicant gets 500€ per week.

The test projects will ideally cover the 3 main criteria we are looking for in an applicant (besides his soft skills):

1 week should be based on sketching and general idea generation.
1 week should be based on 3D skills.
1 week should be based on 3D renderings and creating presentations/mood boards etc.

These test projects helps the applicants to:

·Get to know Pilotfish as a company and see if the applicant feels comfortable working with us
·Get to know the Pilotfish team
·Get to know the processes and the daily business within Pilotfish

These test projects help us to:

·Get to know the applicant more in depth in our working environment
·Get to know the applicants’ skills more in depth in a real working environment
·Get to know the applicant in relation to team work and his “soft skills”

After the 3 test projects are done, we have a dedicated talk with the applicant to review the projects he did and how he performed so far.

We want to be frank (that is also why we reply on this thread), and to tell the truth, two thirds of the applicants fail during the test projects due to the points mentioned above. The other third is working at Pilotfish.

We hope to have shed some light on this discussion, and if uvvi or anyone has any further questions, you are welcome to contact us directly:


Best regards,

The Pilotfish Team

Thank you very much. It’s a great relief for me. I have been watching Pilotfish work since last two years. It’s been fantastic.
It’s great to know how the selection process happens at Pilotfish.
Thanx once again.