What kind of packaging is this?

I’m interested in using a similar type of packaging as pictured for a product my company offers. However I don’t know the proper terminology for this type of packaging. Can anyone let me know? Some suggestions on mfg. overseas would also be appreciated.

I dont know the portion proper name for the whole bag but I do know that they refer to the bottom where it folds wider a gusset. My guess is a gusseted bag.

This is a simple Gusseted Stand-up Pouch or and SUP. It also has a peg hole so it is also refered to as a Pegged SUP. Manufaturing is going to depend on your volumes. Do you have any of that info?

It is likely considered a short run…between 2000-5000.

I’m also curious how the pouch is sealed? Do we need a special piece of equipment to accomplish that?

Also, any details on what material is best to use for this type of bag? I like the quality of material Nike is using. It appears they are using this type of packaging on a lot of misc. sports equipment now.

These pouches are formed on what is called a Form Fill and Seal Machine and it does just that. It forms the pouch, Fills it and then Seals it. Sometimes zippers are added for the reclose feature. I have attached a link that will give you more info.

As far as material goes, that varies depending on what you are putting in it. Most are made from Poly Prop but if you need barrier properties or thing of that nature the material can change. What type of product are you putting in this pouch? If it is something similar to what you are showing I am not really sure why that needs to be in an SUP. I looks like to me that unless there is display reasons it can be in a simple pegged pouch and work just fine. It would also be cheaper.